Traducción de Indian ink en Español:

Indian ink

(indian ink)



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    • The intertwining branches cast many flickering shadows on the floor of the forest, as the ground itself was etched in Indian ink.
    • The reliability of carbon particles from India ink as markers of cell expansion was an early concern in this study.
    • The psalm is written in India ink, the oldest ink known to mankind.
    • Be aware that India ink, a permanent dye, is nothing more than carbon black mixed into a solvent medium.
    • We used the same ‘palette’ as they did, although we substituted India ink, compressed charcoal, newspaper, manila, conte, gesso and other materials to create our collages with mixed media.
    • The newly-lit lights revealed the room as circular with a winding maze pattern painted in black Indian ink on the marble floor.
    • In one of them made after 1815 the drawings are in India ink wash and are on a larger scale than in the others.
    • And I got this idea that I would use India ink on acetate and make a brush-stroke, because the acetate kind of repels the ink.
    • The tiny streamers are made of Tyvek, a fibrous, water-resistant paper, along with sailcloth, India ink, colored gels and pieces of metal.
    • He published his books in samizdat, adorning them with India ink drawings.
    • The student applies black India ink with a small paintbrush to the 1/8-inch line or narrow space between the blocks of oil pastel.
    • To emphasize their details and three-dimensional quality, as well as to give them an attractive patina, the suits of armor were painted with black India ink.
    • If you are using a modern ink, beware of pure Indian ink - this is far ‘blacker’ than most of the early medieval inks.
    • Like a drawing in India ink of the whispering of wind in the pines, the secrets of Judo can only be suggested.
    • Her thin and narrow face was framed in short curls of black hair, irregular as though they were outlined in pen-strokes upon a wash-drawing in Indian ink.
    • But there are also very fine monotone drawings in Indian ink, and other mediums, of Bulgaria.
    • It contains a highly pigmented India ink that is both acid-free and archival.
    • When the blood was examined under the microscope a few minutes after the intravenous injection of India ink, distinct black particles of carbon were seen floating among the blood corpuscles.
    • He used materials such as soft pastels, oil pastels, watercolor pencils and India ink, among others.
    • The works on paper have been done using Indian ink, acrylic, paint and wax.