Traducción de indicate en Español:


señalar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɪndɪkeɪt//ˈɪndəˌkeɪt/

verbo transitivo

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    • 1.1(point out)

      (direction/object) señalar
      (object/direction) indicar
      to indicate sth to sb señalarle algo a algn
      • To say that these figures indicate that the upward spiral of crime has halted is incorrect.
      • An appropriate physical examination and necessary medically indicated investigation are clearly essential.
      • Although the days of king coal and the smoky cities are long gone, census figures indicate manufacturing plays a significant role in the regional economy.
      • For example, a detailed physical examination may be indicated in some cases.
      • But figures indicate that it wreaked far greater damage on Russia's economy than the Nazi invasion and World War II.
      • Figures released indicate a 2% increase in unemployment in the south east.
      • Insulin therapy also is indicated in patients with contraindications to antidiabetic medications.
      • Other solutions used are indicated in the figure legends.
      • When an uncomplicated nasal fracture is suspected, plain radiography rarely is indicated.
      • Don't you agree these figures indicate the significant economic impact of the arts?
      • Additional blood tests may be indicated in patients with more severe injuries.
      • About six miles past the restaurant, we almost missed a partially hidden sign indicating Qalat Salah al-Din (Saladin's Castle).
      • But child mortality figures indicate many more private tragedies.
      • In the archdiocese, the latest figures indicate there are 901 priests.
      • Further examination using colonoscopy may be indicated in individual patients.
      • The sequences for the primers used are indicated by arrows in Figure 1.
      • The figures indicate that the tabloid version has proved a hit with readers as it accounts for some 70% of all sales.
      • Occasionally, when confronted with unusual symptoms or signs that are refractory to standard therapy, referral may be indicated.
      • On the other hand, if systemic inflammation is responsible, then antiinflammatory therapy may be indicated.
      • Figures indicate the EU expects Ireland to resume its position as the Union's fastest-growing economy.
      • If the memory loss is severe enough to warrant a diagnosis of dementia, then cholinesterase inhibitor therapy would be indicated.
      • Lamotrigine has been available since 1994 and is indicated as adjunctive therapy for partial seizures in adults and children.
      • Deviations from the concentrations listed there are indicated in the text.
      • The other reality, though, is that the figures indicate that 6673 women with Irish addresses had abortions in Britain last year.
      • Preterm delivery may be indicated because of deterioration of maternal or fetal health, and obstetric complications may occur.
      • The boxed text indicates the numbering and color-coding scheme.
      • The situation might be even worse than the figures indicate, the Commerce Ministry official said.
      • In patients with pulmonary hypertension, more frequent chest radiographs to assess catheter position may be indicated.
      • Skin scraping, biopsy, or culture may be indicated if skin lesions are present.
      • The other part of the schedule lists immunizations indicated and contraindicated by medical conditions.
      • If a wound becomes infected, oral or intravenous antibiotics might be indicated and should be chosen based on bacterial cultures.
      • Note that they do this in spite of the presence of signs indicating many of these doors are ‘designated no-smoking entrances.’
      • If monitoring of the middle cerebral artery indicates anaemia, fetal blood sampling and intrauterine transfusion are indicated.
      • Census figures released Friday indicate Indiana County's population has stayed virtually static at 89,605 residents.
      • In some cases, complementary examinations such as bronchography, bronchoscopy, and cardiac catheterization may be indicated.
      • All the experimental treatments and reproductive nodes that were harvested are indicated on the main figure.
      • Figures indicate that landlords have been increasing rents in response to rent allowance limits set by health boards.

    • 1.2Automóviles

      • So don't get mad when a driver does not indicate to go to the left lane; remember that he or she just might not be expert enough to disregard the Highway Code.
      • Cars indicating to their left from the Dungarvan direction could as easily be going straight on past the junction through the slow lane, he said.
      • To all the drivers behind, indicating to change lanes still means ‘accelerate to close the gap’.
      • Sometimes they will indicate before moving, sometimes as they are moving and sometimes not at all.
      • Quite a few drivers indicate left after leaving, and are already proceeding down the street.
      • Moments before the crash, a retired PC watched a blue car indicate then pull out ahead and overtake a horse box.
      • If that driver was indicating properly, which I see no reason to assume he wasn't, then the motorcyclist should never have attempted to overtake.
      • A little red Volkswagen had situated itself to drive behind them, but the driver was mindless, having a blinking light on his car indicating he was turning left.
      • Always indicate when changing lanes.
      • She then indicated to pull over to the side, stopped momentarily, but then drove on.

    • 1.3(mark)

      is it indicated on the map? ¿está señalado en el mapa?

    • 1.4(register)

      (instrument/scale) indicar
      • If the meter indicates poor air/fuel ratio at idle, correct it by adjusting the idle-mixture screws.
      • Only if a 70-year-old driver indicated on their application form they had a problem with their health would they be required to take a medical exam.
      • Again the camera meter will indicate a shutter speed and an aperture to give you an 18% grey object.
      • The background, which I certainly was not aware of, has been indicated to me briefly.
      • There follow fourteen chapters and a conclusion, the contents of which I will briefly indicate later.
      • The activity LED will blink twice which indicates Speed Boost is enabled.
      • I mention this only to indicate I still have one toe clinging to current pop culture.
      • I've indicated to the President of the Senate in correspondence that my confidence in the Clerk is fast diminishing.
      • Let me briefly indicate why I do not find this standpoint natural.
      • And even the President indicated that he wasn't that keen.
      • Sources close to the bus drivers have indicated that they could hold a series of one-day strikes if their demands are not met.
      • Wouldn't a conscientious journalist blush to use the word success when the best available gauge indicates failure?
      • A ‘suspicion’ meter indicates the likelihood of your discovery and forces you to keep moving, keep your distance from guards and whatnot.
      • The winner was the lady who told the saddest life story as indicated by a sound meter measuring the volume of the audience's applause for each contestant.
      • And as I mentioned, the pilot indicated that there was some sort of a mechanical problem.
      • An LED display between the speedometer and tachometer indicates which gear the driver has chosen.
      • During the assessment phase, stakeholders who were surveyed indicated their willingness to form the national coalition.
      • Although the fuel gauge indicated a safe fuel state, the low-fuel light flickered.
      • Estimates from tide gauges indicate that sea level has changed at the rate of 1.8 to 2.4 mm/yr over the last century.
      • Projected display for portable sensor indicating the location of a detected hidden object behind a surface
      • The OAT gauge indicated we were at or slightly below freezing.
      • Simple depth gauges measuring the maximum depths indicate some remarkably deep dives attained by shearwaters.
      • And there may be, as indicated by the president this morning, the possibility of additional troops.
      • May I indicate very briefly what the position was.
      • It could also be caused by the fact that the actual pressure at the nozzle is less than that indicated by the pressure gauge.
      • In the first two articles in this series I have briefly indicated some of the main currents of Nietzsche's thought.
      • May I just indicate briefly the background which is referred to in that affidavit.
      • The fuel gauge indicated that the hovercar's tank was still half-full so that made it even more likely that it had crashed, rendering the boy unconscious.
      • Start timing the process when the dial gauge indicates that the recommended pressure has been reached, or when the weighted gauge begins to jiggle or rock.
      • The fuel gauges indicated between 180 and 190 pounds per side as we cleared the active runway.
      • She briefly indicates the conflicting written evidence that an historian investigating this incident must consider.
      • The timing of the announcement clearly indicated other concerns than simply improving relations with Iraq.
      • LCD ‘hands’ point to stamped numbers along the perimeter of the computer's face indicating current speed, average speed and maximum speed.
      • The second phase eliminated all records that indicated a ‘missing value’ for the total amount borrowed variable.
      • Since the union representing taxi drivers has indicated they would respect picket lines, a walkout would effectively shut down taxi service to the entire city.
      • Store owners who were surveyed indicated their sales rose by 38 percent, worth $10 million per year.
      • The junction box has two meters indicating the voltage and load capacity readings.
      • Salaried physicians indicated a greater willingness to engage in organizational citizenship behaviors.

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    • 2.1(show)

      (condition/change) ser indicio de
      (condition/change) ser señal de
      there's nothing to indicate whether they approve or not no hay nada que indique si les parece bien o no
      • He pointed out that a recent Mori poll had indicated a strong future demand for the bank's core products.
      • Evidence came to light indicating that the train drivers involved took all possible actions to reduce the serious nature of the accident.
      • The turn out figures indicate something like 30-35 percent.
      • The somewhat watered down language of the resolutions is hardly threatening to Sudan, and doesn't indicate a strong political will to me.
      • Unless planets are afflicted in Leo, the sign usually indicates strong vitality and a healthy constitution.
      • Nevertheless, he acknowledged the ‘market rebound’ as indicating a ‘growing’ consumer confidence here.
      • Market signs indicate this trend will continue to be important in the future.
      • Every child who joins must sign a pledge indicating his or her intention to become better.
      • The proximity to Spinner Lane may indicate that some of the cottages could have housed spinsters.
      • The lower slope could indicate a stronger actomyosin bond in the slower muscle.
      • One source close to the meeting said the deal hasn't been signed yet and indicated a few more hurdles had to be overcome before there would be any white smoke.
      • While I am not an expert on the property market, the above signs seem to indicate that returns on property going forward will, in general, be modest.
      • Responses to these items indicate a strong enabling attitude in which the parent was taking a direct action.
      • His suave tone failed to indicate anything was wrong.
      • Polynesian Megapodes appear to be monogamous, as indicated by their strong site- and partner-fidelity for extended periods.
      • My eyes opened to find an exhausted James leaning over me, and the amount of sunlight streaming into the car indicated that it was well past dawn.
      • I read the piece twice and tried to see the any sign that indicates such a victory for the insurgents but I failed in both trials.
      • These sales indicate that demand is strong for the smaller lot sizes of between 2.5 and ten acres but question the demand for larger industrial sites.
      • Stress signals indicated that he needed to create a more balanced life, to keep divorce and a heart attack at bay.
      • Sora's voice was starting to grow sore, indicated by its sudden raspy inflection.

    • 2.2(state)


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    immediate surgery is indicated lo indicado es operar de inmediato
    • a change in tactics is indicated, I feel creo que se impone un cambio de táctica

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