Traducción de indiscriminately en Español:


sin discriminación, adv.

Pronunciación /ˌɪndɪˈskrɪmɪnətli//ˈˌɪndəˈskrɪm(ə)nətli/


  • 1

    (not selectively)
    sin discriminación
    • Talking about "the media" indiscriminately in discussing this scandal is dumb.
    • This caused problems during pregnancy when iron tablets used to be given indiscriminately or because haemoglobin levels fell.
    • Countries such as Indonesia are indiscriminately logging the rainforests - don't be part of it.
    • Mothers of mixed children also responded indiscriminately (i.e., permissively) toward their children's noncompliance, just like parents of purely aggressive children.
    • So before you indiscriminately compare Rush to Trent Lott's remarks, put things into some perspective.
    • Zinc therapy should be limited to a short period because of the increased incidence of copper deficiency if lozenges are taken indiscriminately for six to eight weeks.
    • But no one can defend bonuses indiscriminately handed out. "
    • The pedal is essential for achieving desired tones and coloring, but must never be used indiscriminately.
    • Don't indiscriminately consider nationalism to be heretical.
    • But remember, you are not a ravenous bear indiscriminately filling your belly for the long winter ahead.
    • The subpoena alleged that Dr. Bearman had "indiscriminately" recommended the use of medical marijuana to the patient.
    • As my parents warned, you couldn't indiscriminately open the packaging.
  • 2

    sin criterio
    sin discernimiento