Traducción de indissoluble en Español:


indisoluble, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪndəˈsɑljəb(ə)l//ˌɪndɪˈsɒljʊb(ə)l/



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    • Couples were invited to renew their wedding vows and the Pope reaffirmed that the Christian marriage was indissoluble.
    • Seeing the indissoluble connection among property rights, the rule of law, and economic well-being will not solve all our problems.
    • It is, in short, an idea that is utterly indissoluble from our own living, breathing, everyday reality.
    • So these are the ties that we have, and they're indissoluble.
    • They are the two sides of the one coin, and their indissoluble union does much to explain the enduring appeal of his work.
    • But the link between the general and the particular is indissoluble.
    • My guilt was a clear proof of the Church's view of matrimony as an indissoluble tie.
    • They do at least imply a stable society in which marriage is indissoluble and family loyalty taken for granted.
    • The free marketeers like to assure us that there's an indissoluble link between capitalism and democracy.
    • Politics and race in Sri Lanka at the time, at least, were indissoluble.
    • It was to bring together in indissoluble union a variety of differing regions who would never consent to union without some protections of their own autonomy.
    • To balance this he remained a staunch member of the Church of England and a firm believer in the indissoluble union between Church and State.
    • He who has given a vow cannot be released from his engagement, for great oaths are indissoluble bonds.
    • The bond between the British people and the Crown is strong and indissoluble.
    • Their alliances were indissoluble, their commitment to their colleagues, unequivocal.
    • That marriage is neither an indissoluble sacrament nor a social contract is crystal clear.
    • The Western audience sensed in him the organic, indissoluble tie with European culture.
    • Family members are not strangers to one another; rather they share an indissoluble bond.
    • When men cease to be individual and separate units, and all together form a total and indissoluble communion, then humanity will be a single body.
    • It is neither an amalgam of cultures nor a mix of coexisting, indissoluble elements.