Traducción de Indonesian en Español:


indonesio, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪndəˈniʒən//ɪndəˈniːzɪən//ɪndəˈniːʒ(ə)n/


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    indonesio masculino
    indonesia femenino
    • Most teachers in the National Plus schools are Indonesians with a small number of expatriate teachers.
    • In Indonesia, Indonesians are Indonesian first and members of their ethnic groups second.
    • About half the number were Australian, with Britons and Indonesians being among the other casualties.
    • I'm sorry for the Indians, Indonesians, Sri Lankans and Thais who have to clean this mess up.
    • We have seen the Indonesians express support and solidarity with the Palestinians and demand action.
    • Every Papuan, no matter who they are, believes that Indonesians and Papuans are different.
    • More than 40 million Indonesians languish in unemployment, official data shows.
    • The Commission's effort is in the interest of all Indonesians including Papuans.
    • Arrest warrants are still outstanding for two Indonesians and a Russian.
    • During the month, many Indonesians will spend more on food and goods.
    • Even if most Indonesians are Muslims and most Israelis are Jews, so what?
    • How do you get Indonesians to respect court decisions, when the Indonesian legal system has been so corrupt?
    • The original aim was just to rebuild our confidence as Indonesians and rebuild the nation.
    • For the majority of Indonesians, Bahasa Indonesia is the language used in public.
    • This historical perspective is once again an issue of relevance to Indonesians and Indonesian art today.
    • When it comes to learning English, Indonesians are very fond of native speakers.
    • Of the nine, five are Singaporeans, one is American and three are Indonesians.
    • The Indonesians were a powerful maritime nation in the 1st millennium.
    • Forget about all the Indonesians or the Thai, we finally put a face to the disaster.
    • This could result in greater appreciation for Italian culture and civilization among Indonesians.
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    indonesio masculino
    • What was wrong with keeping official Indonesian, the language of the region and the one in which a whole generation of East Timorese had been educated?