Traducción de indoor en Español:


para estar en casa, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɪndɔr//ˈɪndɔː/


  • 1

    (clothes/shoes) para estar en casa
    (plants) de interior(es)
    (swimming pool/tennis court) cubierto
    (swimming pool/tennis court) techado
    you need to use a flash for indoor shots hay que usar el flash para fotos en interiores
    • I'd prefer an indoor job preferiría un trabajo que no fuera al aire libre
    • indoor antenna / (British) aerial antena interior
    • indoor games deportes bajo techo
    • indoor soccer fútbol sala
    • If you are working, use the breaks during meetings to stretch or take a brisk walk up the indoor stairway.
    • The campsite already has three basic indoor accommodation blocks in addition to camping facilities.
    • One possibility is that they will cover their artificial pitch to create an indoor facility.
    • The programme has a wide and varied list of entertainment, indoor and outdoor over the eight days.
    • The building also incorporates a stained glass ceiling and indoor lake boasting Koi carp and sturgeon.
    • Today's weather is perfect only for indoor DIY with a nice hot cup of cocoa.
    • So, the recent measures to restrict smoking in indoor environments are to be welcomed.
    • However, raising a wide variety of fowl and pigs are well within the capabilities of indoor farming.
    • There are plenty of attractions including an indoor Christmas market and children's fairground.
    • All experimental trials were conducted within the confines of an indoor squash court.
    • They do flower but these are insignificant, though if picked and dried they can be used for indoor winter decoration.
    • Unique gift for special occasions, a stunning patio and indoor plant and feature tree for parks and large gardens.
    • As with the Jazz Fest, there's both pricey indoor shows and free outdoor concerts.
    • It's also a beautiful addition to indoor spaces that are usually devoid of life.
    • The pair of them, in short, have become indoor cats of their own choice.
    • The work will see the indoor market within the shopping centre transformed.
    • He lives on a farm and there was no indoor toilet and no door on the shower room.
    • Cooking and heating with such solid fuels on open fires or stoves without chimneys leads to indoor air pollution.
    • Usually, those who maintain a good garden are more interested in keeping indoor plants too.
    • If the indoor tables don't satisfy you, and if the weather is right, do ask for a table on the terrace.