Traducción de indulgent en Español:


indulgente, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈdʌldʒ(ə)nt//ɪnˈdəldʒənt/


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    (attitude/person/smile) indulgente
    to be indulgent toward / with sb ser indulgente con algn
    • you shouldn't be so indulgent with them no deberías consentirlos tanto / ser tan indulgente con ellos
    • What happened here was sloppy practice, based on an indulgent approach towards both drug-taking and rule-breaking.
    • Our parents were usually indulgent, and confident about themselves.
    • There are still people who would go for a cool understated chic, and in our time of personally indulgent dressing this is probably the time to do it.
    • Physical punishment is administered, although parents tend to be indulgent with young children.
    • His demeanor suddenly changed from gentle, indulgent parent, to barking hellion.
    • I would ask for your forgiveness if I felt I had been indulgent here, but I don't.
    • She skipped happily out of the waiting room and I watched her with an indulgent smile, one I usually save for the parents of small children.
    • So just why are we so indulgent toward those anything-goes plays?
    • Parents, most of whom have so far been very indulgent about the cola-swigging habit of their offspring, have been forced to sit up and take note.
    • Grandparents tend to be more indulgent of grandchildren than the parents themselves.
    • Yes, indulgent parents, there is now such a thing as ‘pampered child syndrome’.
    • They see it as either indulgent (weak and hence immoral) or as patronizing.
    • Ma Jacobs spoke again, but this time her voice deceptively soft and indulgent.
    • The personality is trusting and trustworthy, indulgent and generous to itself and others.
    • Also, by setting myself deadlines and being much harsher on myself and less indulgent, I was able to really push through to a tangible finish line.
    • It's easy to become an indulgent parent, letting examples of disrespect slide.
    • The mere thought of bringing up 10 children is likely to strike fear into even the most indulgent and energetic parent.
    • Perhaps one could say that it was much more liberal, to the point of indulgent.
    • She gave me the look of an indulgent parent and then we moved on.
    • I hate to say this but I think older parents can be very, very indulgent.