Traducción de inebriated en Español:


beodo, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪˈnibrɪɛədəd//ɪnˈiːbrɪeɪtɪd/



  • 1

    (person) beodo formal
    (person) ebrio formal
    (state) de embriaguez formal
    • They are political or philosophical, merrily inebriate or sententiously sober.
    • An inebriate Glaswegian was ahead of me in the queue.
    • To that end, if anyone wants an inebriate Santa staying on their floor sometime in December, do let me know.
    • Prominent candidates are denounced as renegade and inebriate.
    • Thoroughly fed up with the whole affair, I cut my losses and my inebriate courage disappeared.
    • Moreover, it can give one a feeling of energy, power and strength that can last for days after the inebriate effects have worn off.
    • We hooked up with the wedding party towards the inebriate end of the evening - my word, did we ever.
    • The hitherto silent island of Naxos has startlingly become populated with fauns and maenads and sileni and old Silenus himself swaying inebriate on his donkey.