Traducción de infant mortality en Español:

infant mortality

mortalidad infantil, n.


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    mortalidad infantil femenino
    • The UK's worst six constituencies for premature death and infant mortality are inside Glasgow's city boundaries.
    • The infant mortality rate stood at 87.83 deaths per thousand live births.
    • The neighborhood suffers high rates of infant mortality, asthma, birth defects and cancer.
    • One of the most sensitive indicators of a nation's health is that of infant mortality, the death rate of children under 1 year of age.
    • The death rate and infant mortality have declined, and life expectancy has increased.
    • The number of child deaths in the district contributed to one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country last year.
    • The infant mortality rate may be something to boast of, but death still comes early for Cuban rural workers.
    • It is only because infant mortality rates have reduced so substantially in the last century that these deaths have become a matter of comment and research.
    • Both experience unconscionable rates of morbidity, infant mortality, and violent deaths.
    • The rate of infant mortality is eleven deaths for every one thousand live births.