Traducción de infertile en Español:


estéril, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈfəːtʌɪl//ɪnˈfərdl/


  • 1

    (land/soil) estéril
    (land/soil) infecundo
    (land/soil) yermo literario
    (man/woman/animal) estéril
    • On the other hand, clinical cytogenetic studies of malformed and infertile dogs have been rather poorly developed.
    • This practice can lead to compacted, infertile soil, erosion, and water pollution.
    • Adoption is common, but reproductive technologies that allow infertile couples and gay couples to reproduce are highly valued.
    • Why do we allow it in the private lives of infertile couples?
    • For example, if the couple is infertile on either part, the determination would involve some sort of mandatory test of fertility.
    • Zavos says his ultimate aim is merely to produce ‘a technology that can give an infertile and childless couple the right to have a child.’
    • The use of assisted reproductive technology to help infertile couples conceive is steadily increasing.
    • ‘Twice we tried to mate her,’ says Pyarejan, who fears his elephant is infertile.
    • On the other hand, the notion that only infertile soils can make good wines is undoubtedly mistaken.
    • The thin alkaline soils are extremely infertile, and there is no fresh surface water.
    • These strips were redistributed every year - if you got infertile land one year you might receive better land the following year.
    • But the worst consequence may be the denial of life itself to children who are desperately wanted by infertile couples.
    • This has caused a tremendous increase in the rate of soil erosion which then led to the soft, dusty and infertile land that you see now.
    • The French army was forced to act as an army of occupation for once, in a country whose infertile land prevented them from foraging successfully.
    • Leaders in the states say the vaccine is laced with chemicals capable of rendering young girls infertile.
    • As he scanned the dry, nearly infertile land, he felt a sense of humiliation.
    • It is exceptionally fire-prone; has infertile soils; enjoys great biodiversity; and is tectonically stable.
    • However, many people find it difficult to sustain their families on small plots of infertile land.
    • The sites are usually abandoned, leaving the land infertile and the water polluted.
    • Most Haitians live in rural areas as sharecroppers working infertile land.
    • Secondly, Australia is a fragile, arid country with infertile soils over large areas, and sketchy water tables in a lot of areas.
    • In the wild, the plant grows in infertile, moist, sandy soil near streams and marshes.
    • It is exceptionally rare for an infertile couple to make use of all the embryos that result from the procedure.
    • These practitioners are to be sought out, as treating an infertile couple demands not just general practice but also specialty skill.
    • He started donating in clinics after meeting infertile couples during investigations of his former wife's infertility.
    • Marginal and fragile lands cleared for export crop production rapidly become infertile and erosion prone.
    • There are also considerable advantages for the developing world where infertile land could become productive with the potential to improve millions of lives.
    • In recommending a ban on sex selection, the UK authority that regulates reproductive technology reveals its deep distrust of infertile couples.
    • It would also not affect the anonymity of those who have already donated sperm, eggs or embryos to help infertile couples.
    • Plot summary: a childless and infertile couple are digging in the garden and find a tree stump that looks like a baby.
    • Also much of Spain was infertile land and the more fertile land near the Mediterranean Sea was not ploughed due to the fear of pirates.
    • Like downy blue star, this one is native to infertile sandy soils.
    • One study of infertile couples found that 5% had a history of sexual problems.
    • These were farms so small or with such infertile land as to be unable to support a family at a minimum standard of living.
    • They can produce seeds that grow in infertile land.
    • The shortage of water had turned the land into infertile ground.
    • Infections in the reproductive tract of infertile men have been acknowledged for decades.
    • The sperm of the altered mice were less vigorous than normal, and the mice were completely infertile.
    • The story concerns a group of young, infertile American mothers who travel down to Mexico to adopt babies.
    • After much soul searching and having determined the husband was infertile, the childless couple decided to try artificial insemination.