Traducción de infiltrate en Español:


infiltrarse en, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɪnfɪltreɪt//ˈɪnfəlˌtreɪt//ɪnˈfɪlˌtreɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (territory/group) infiltrarse en
    the intelligence service had been infiltrated by political extremists un grupo de extremistas se había infiltrado en el servicio de inteligencia
    • Mr Santos told reporters that there were indications the security forces had been infiltrated at a very high level.
    • Now that we have a common picture of the communications architecture, we must discuss using information to successfully infiltrate an enemy's position.
    • It is infiltrating their organizations beyond bombing their training bases.
    • It will take years for the intelligence organizations to infiltrate terrorist organizations and be in a position to carry out these assassinations.
    • Well, I believe the electronic surveillance has importance, but we really need to infiltrate the terrorist organizations.
    • They were criminals recruited by an MI6 officer to infiltrate the IRA.
    • This is why I sometimes think we should infiltrate the Countryside Alliance - we'd get more cameras pointed at us then…
    • I think they'd recognize if Senator Hatch or I tried to infiltrate the organization.
    • The organisation has been heavily infiltrated by informers and many of its members are now in jail.
    • It propagates paranoia about the Third World's dark intentions to gatecrash and infiltrate the Western World over a period of time, and take it over eventually.
    • The initial Federal raid relied upon surprise for safety, and grabbed the evidence after successfully infiltrating the place.
    • One officer so deeply infiltrated the Communist Party that he traveled to the Soviet Union.
    • Your intrepid blogger promises to infiltrate this suspicious-sounding organization and report the truth!
    • For the next four decades, a small minority from certain Iraqi towns would gradually infiltrate the highest governmental positions as well as the top officer ranks in the army.
    • I hope that we continue to have brave men and women who infiltrate these organizations in order to help to protect society.
    • They have infiltrated organizations large and small.
    • He said intelligence agents and police informers had infiltrated villages in the area and worked as drivers, masons and hawkers for months to gather information about Veerappan and his men who were suspected to be hiding nearby.
    • A secret land, infiltrated by humans, and the loss of spirituality is at stake.
    • From 1999 until early 2001, Lauder infiltrated the organised racist movement in Canada.
    • They often disguise their affiliation by wearing civilian clothes, and they often carry arms covertly to infiltrate various places.
  • 2

    to infiltrate sb (into sth)
    • they had infiltrated agents into our organization sus agentes se habían infiltrado en nuestra organización
    • The fascist bent that infiltrated Argentina in the 1930s was quite popular among conservative artists and intellectuals.
    • And it's certainly true that our style has infiltrated into the style of singing and congregational worship in this church.
    • The ensuing Meiji policy of modernization allowed Western ideas, institutions, and culture to infiltrate Japan.
    • Shamanic thought is gradually infiltrating the greater Pagan community.
    • Does western culture and its values infiltrate traditional Indian values?
    • Postmodernists claim that science, no less than religion and literature and philosophy, is infiltrated with culture.
    • It reads like a blog, but you only have to look at a couple of the images to know this is a commercially popular side of US culture and quickly infiltrating ours.
    • How much of Atheism has infiltrated into legislative and executive branches at all levels of government?
    • Japanese leisure is also infiltrating U.S. culture.
    • The way we dress, even the way we speak, is impinged on and infiltrated by these alien cultures.
    • The discrimination exists across all of society and, according to this research, has infiltrated into the agencies charged with confronting the problem.
    • Foreign culture has constantly infiltrated China in the form of weapons and then at the mental and conceptual level.
    • Nothing against those particular bands, but their sound has evidently infiltrated the very atmosphere of our fair cities.
    • Capitalism has infiltrated the Scottish Socialists' camp.
    • Spencer said one of the major steps was to encourage followers to enter the ministry of various churches and to infiltrate North America's schools and teaching colleges.