Traducción de influx en Español:


afluencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪnˌfləks//ˈɪnflʌks/


  • 1

    (of people) afluencia femenino
    (of goods) entrada femenino
    (of ideas) llegada femenino
    • This means that on current trajectories, absent massive new influxes of immigrants, Europe's population is set to age still further and to enter into an indefinite decline.
    • There have been influxes of refugees from the civil war in neighboring Central African Republic and of well-paid oil workers who drove up food prices.
    • The UN was yesterday preparing for a massive refugee influx into the border region.
    • Such an influx of refugees did a great deal to anger the respective governments of those countries that took in the refugees.
    • The influx of ‘tax refugees’ would make it even harder for Scots to study close to home.
    • Neighbouring Iran said it was sealing its border with Afghanistan to prevent a possible influx of refugees.
    • Cambodia has sent more than 400 police officers and soldiers to its eastern border with Vietnam to prevent further influxes of Vietnamese refugees, a provincial police chief said Monday.
    • York has also the tourist network to deal with the massive influx in numbers crowding the city's hotels.
    • War would not only sever these supplies, but would also provoke a big influx of refugees.
    • The report shows civil servants are making contingency plans for an influx of 14m new arrivals.
    • Iran has had to endure 20 years of coping with massive influxes of Afghan refugees fleeing the Soviet invasion and the subsequent civil wars.
    • The influx of refugees from civil strife in Somalia and Sudan keeps the numbers changing.
    • It has joined a growing list of American towns that have attracted large influxes of immigrants and refugees with jobs in meatpacking plants.
    • It is already acknowledged there will be a massive influx of the gipsy population of these countries.
    • Where are the massive influx of new shoppers heading to the Moors Centre going to park?
    • The current saga over refugee influxes would pale in comparison to the thousands of Indonesians fleeing a balkanising archipelago.
    • The Russian revolution which began in 1917 led the a large influx of Russian refugees to Harbin.
    • The last thing they want is a massive influx of workers and young people into political life.
    • With a massive influx of new cheap, inbound flights this year, visitors will find the city is tops for shopping and history.
    • When it comes to Spain and Italy, they are suffering from the massive influx of foreigners to their leagues.