Traducción de inform en Español:


informar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈfɔrm//ɪnˈfɔːm/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (by letter) informar
    (by letter) notificar
    somebody informed the police alguien informó a la policía
    • to keep sb informed mantener a algn informado / al corriente
    • he must be informed at once hay que avisarle / informarle inmediatamente
    • we were not merely entertained but informed no fue solo entretenido sino que también instructivo
    • to inform sb of/about sth
    • we've not yet been informed of any change of plan todavía no se nos ha comunicado ningún cambio de plan
    • its aim is to inform people about / of the dangers of pollution tiene por objeto informar (al público) sobre los peligros de la contaminación
    • to inform sb that informarle a algn que
    • I'm reliably informed that … me informan de buena fuente que …
    • Yet all too often, as we are informed, ‘so-called fact comes with its accompanying bias’.
    • I was a little surprised to say the least when I was informed of that fact at the weekend.
    • If someone leaves a comment on one of your posts, you are sent an e-mail informing you of this fact, and containing the comment.
    • Subsequently I was informed that in fact it was not a water spout.
    • As a matter of fact, she was petrified of people informing her of things she had done wrong, even if it came with suggestions on how to improve.
    • The big names of the boxing media were actually dialed into the press conference - the moderator informed me of this fact.
    • I am informed that in fact the net tax burden is 32 percent of GDP excluding rates, or 34 percent including rates.
    • He was so happy to see me, and while we were all watching television, he informed me of something.
    • In fact, he informed me that he was preparing to put this child on an indefinite suspension from school.
    • This was a fact I informed her of as I emerged from the bathroom clutching a towel around me and dripping all over the maroon threadbare carpet.
    • In fact we are reliably informed that Burnby Hall Gardens at Pocklington had never seen anything like it.
    • Your last note acknowledges this fact and informs us that you therefore intend to sell your inventory to a third party and claim damages against us.
    • This fact informs us she in on the same page with today's major theatrical innovators.
    • He asked if the Baron had informed me of this fact.
    • He recycles the allegation as though it were fact, without informing us who the ‘critics’ are.
    • England, the discerning television pundits informed us, brought only two genuine world class players to this World Cup.
    • In fact I was informed that the people of the area, not just the parents, had the same claim on the school as the Department.
    • His empathy had not informed him of the fact that she was staring at him, though.
    • We could book our place on the lake and would have a guaranteed swim for the night; in fact we were informed that only six people were allowed to fish at night at any one time.
    • I am informed that in fact it is all explained, you just have to hunt for it.
  • 2formal

    (permeate, shape)
    informar formal
    • We have found that acquiring developmental knowledge informs every aspect of one's work with a case.
    • Evidence based care should be informed by the best quality evidence for the effect of interventions on clinically important longer term outcomes
    • Whilst there are a number of subplots, they all inform on the main one and give the story a far wider, more epic feel than it would normally have.
    • As such, these works serve as a convincing proof of principle and have informed our own approach to the problem of dominance evolution.
    • In my case early experiences undoubtedly affected my motivation to engage in homelessness research, as well as informing the nature and quality of my fieldwork.
    • New development needs to be informed by the principles of urbanism.
    • Our local actions should be informed by three global principles.
    • But you do eventually use the same principles as those informing the law - justice, fairness, equity.
    • Pinter has taken the analytical and oppositional qualities that informed his full-length plays and continues to apply them to every aspect of his work.
    • It identifies two periods of advocacy for an agricultural system informed by the principles of ecology.
    • These pervasive and at times contradictory demands informed the salient qualities of his pictures.
    • This makes me wonder about the areas of Helena's life which are not informed by principles.
    • This is a gross departure from principles that have informed our constitutional and ordinary criminal law for centuries.
    • In the 19th century this quality informed the work of great English romantics.
    • Religion can inform every aspect of a person's life, including politics, and this, I think, is not a bad thing.
    • In our submission, it is a legal concept informed by economic principle.
    • It seems advisable that hypothesizing would be informed by principles of curiosity and empowerment, instead of by principles of power and certainty.
    • We hope that a similar set of capacities and principles will inform future editorials.
    • Narrative analysis allows for the presentation of students' perceptions in a format that informs such development.
    • The writing in Mapping is top quality because it is informed by design experience.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to inform on / against sb delatar / denunciar a algn