Traducción de informative en Español:


instructivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈfɔːmətɪv//ɪnˈfɔrmədɪv/


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    (article/lecture) instructivo
    (article/lecture) informativo
    (guidebook) lleno de información
    (guidebook) informativo
    our guide was very informative nuestro guía nos proporcionó mucha información
    • the communiqué/minister was not very informative el comunicado/ministro no fue muy revelador
    • The level of detail was selected to be informative for all interested groups while being cheap to collect.
    • Really good magazine illustration should both stand up as a work of art in its own right and as an informative part of the article.
    • The result is a video that is informative, interesting and at times funny.
    • The eviction similarly feels too didactic to be dramatic and too staged to be convincingly informative.
    • Almost all of these reports or commentaries are interesting and informative.
    • It did a good job of working the documentary angle and tried to be as informative as an interesting film should be.
    • Thanks again for this very informative series of articles and the ensuing debate.
    • The fireworks safety articles have been plentiful, informative and encouraging.
    • Each of these books reveals something informative and attempts to balance criticism and praise.
    • It is an informative summary and a useful educative tool, saying all the right things that a beginner needs to know.
    • It was interesting and informative without being in the least bit moving.
    • The mayoral elections in London are proving very revealing and informative.
    • The approach in this article was interesting and informative for people of all ages.
    • With a background such as this his lecture should be both interesting and informative.
    • All interested are invited to attend what should be a highly informative occasion.
    • The seminar should prove very informative and is free to anyone who is interested.
    • The result in each case is a book which is informative, stimulating and illuminating.
    • But they do try to educate their public with an extremely informative tea menu.
    • New members are very welcome to join this very interesting and informative club.
    • This book is deeply interesting to read while still being informative and instructive.