Traducción de ingenuity en Español:


ingenio, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪndʒəˈn(j)uədi//ˌɪndʒɪˈnjuːɪti/


  • 1

    (of person) ingenio masculino
    (of person) inventiva femenino
    (of person) ingeniosidad femenino
    (of gadget, tool, idea) lo ingenioso
    • Only with human ingenuity, inspiration and ability can we sample what our neighbouring world has to offer.
    • Rather, the curators have used their resources with ingenuity to make us look at Dutch painting in a very different way.
    • However, these are remarkable examples of ingenuity as well as artistry.
    • Bookshops can deploy all their marketing ingenuity to produce imaginative displays.
    • The film's landscape of urban desolation must have taken some ingenuity to achieve.
    • In every way - performance, build quality, ingenuity of design - it is the better car.
    • By the very nature of them it is clear you are a man of some intelligence and some ingenuity.
    • This is because there was little structural inventiveness or technical ingenuity.
    • His intelligence and ingenuity have enabled him to become the number one predator.
    • He resolves to build a monument to nineteenth century ingenuity and invention that will blend fantasy and reality.
    • But then they are just career politicians afraid of imagination and ingenuity.
    • Originality and ingenuity are the aims of a competition launched at a Trowbridge school on Friday.
    • They must use all their ingenuity to complete their hazardous work and survive.
    • The story is told with considerable ingenuity and also a little humour from a team fully in touch with their puppet world.
    • Despite the technology, you still need human talent and ingenuity to create a work of greatness.
    • I marvel at the almost boundless ingenuity and skill of mankind sometimes.
    • Smaller boats are masterpieces of ingenuity, with folding tables and settees which convert into beds.
    • His clocks were masterpieces of skill, precision, ingenuity, and determination.
    • The elements of heaven and earth are elegantly manifested by the artists' ingenuity.
    • Her soulful lyrics expose her vulnerability as an artist and her ingenuity as a poet.