Traducción de inheritance en Español:


herencia, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈhɛrɪt(ə)ns//ɪnˈhɛrədəns/


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    (sth inherited)
    herencia femenino
    to come into an inheritance heredar
    • an inheritance from the previous regime una herencia / un legado del régimen anterior
    • Traditional practices often denied women their statutory entitlements to inheritances and property.
    • The 8th shows gain from dowries, unexpected inheritances and legacies.
    • A significant part of this contract was the renuncia with which a woman renounced all claims to future inheritances or familial property.
    • Your children must pay gift tax on taxable gifts and inheritance tax on taxable inheritances (spouses do not pay this tax).
    • The current tax-free threshold on gifts or inheritances from parent to child is €422,148, although prior gifts made by either of you to them will be included in calculating any tax due.
    • But since most of our principles are cultural inheritances, discussions halt at a tolerant mutual respect, even when we remain convinced that the other person is wrong.
    • Such a transfer is exempt from tax, meaning that in addition to the house you can still give her gifts or inheritances up to the threshold that applies to transfers from parents to children.
    • However, the children's prospects grew better in both respects: the number of children is positively connected with both inheritances and legacies given to children.
    • A specified amount of gifts / inheritances could be received tax free depending on the relationship between the donor (your brother) and you.
    • Contribute any bonuses, tax refunds, cash gifts, inheritances or divorce settlements to a retirement account.
    • This tax has increasingly shifted its focus from real wealth to becoming a tax on gifts and inheritances taken by persons of more modest circumstances who would not normally be regarded as wealthy or well off.
    • They include home-grown professionals who have benefited from inheritances and shrewd property investment.
    • Traditionally, much agricultural land and urban property was held as collective property, either undivided inheritances or endowed land.
    • Unclaimed financial assets such as inheritances, tax refunds, or money from previous bank accounts or employers may be waiting for you or someone you know.
    • Buyers also are using inheritances to purchase vacation properties.
    • They have taken no previous gifts or inheritances from their parents and each has an inheritance tax-free threshold of €456,438.
    • The trust can accept and invest inheritances and gifts, and money from the trust can supplement the child's government benefits without jeopardizing them.
    • Otherwise, gifts or inheritances taken by one spouse in a dissolved marriage from the other spouse, after the divorce, will be between strangers.
    • Groups with lower income accumulated fewer assets to transfer as inheritances.
    • However, if the person receiving the inheritance has previously received gifts or inheritances from the same group since 2 December 1988 the new and old benefits must be aggregated.
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    sucesión femenino
    she acquired the property by inheritance adquirió la propiedad por sucesión