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inicial, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪˈnɪʃ(ə)l//ɪˈnɪʃəl/


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    (shock/response) inicial
    (consonant/vowel) inicial
    in the initial stages en la etapa inicial
    • my initial reaction mi primera reacción
    • The names of the patients had the same initial letter while the hospital numbers differed by just one digit.
    • Their initial exchange of letters set the tone for their relationship as student and mentor.
    • The initial list contained 50 words illustrating 20 presumed features of written Spanish.
    • The initial impression is of a tiny, brilliantly painted chapel.
    • This simple activity helps students focus on initial letters in words in both languages.
    • You'll have to excuse my rather bland choice of words in the initial sentence.
    • The announcement means that no more footwear will be made in the town that gave its initial letter to the K Shoes brand.
    • Following that, the test administrator asks the subject to remember as many of the words on the initial list as possible.
    • And for certain names I used the same initial letter and changed the name; for some I just completely switched it.
    • Do not confuse this use of red with the practice of using red ink for each initial letter of God, Christos or Iesus.
    • When she caught word about the initial incident, she ordered all books and reading material banned and burned.
    • The utilization of only the initial letters of these names neutralizes this original significance.
    • The second scheme uses the first name and the initial letter of the last name.
    • To encrypt the initial letter P we use the key letter beneath it which, in this case, is f.
    • They want to see if the initial, favorable impression was justified.
    • Without him Bolton went on to lose 2-0 to Walsall, who share an initial letter with Wembley but little else.
    • There were 1,703 initial claims by newly discharged veterans, an increase of 9 from the preceding week.
    • Geraldine's initial letter had no proper address on it and they owe their reunion to the local postman who recognised the name and knew the door number.
    • In German, as in English, the initial letter of the first word in a sentence is always capitalized.
    • He also used abbreviations for the unknown, usually the initial letter of a colour was used, and sometimes several different unknowns occur in a single problem.
    • After the initial greetings and words of sympathy and relief, we all filed into the living room.
    • It was much more to do with the tone of the letter than the initial phrase.
    • In Experiment 2, we found that the initial letter of the solution word was no better as a cue than either the middle or last letter.
    • This initial report outlines the investigation's key lines of inquiry and the next steps planned as of 7 August 2007.
    • However, he was at an initial loss of words when someone pointed out that the most feared people in the nation were policemen, and not teachers as he had said.
    • Dyslexics may correctly get the initial letters and ‘rush’ the rest incorrectly.
    • In PDF files particularly, initial letters may be separated from the rest of the word.
    • Buy a packet of plain biscuits and writing icing, then draw the initial letter of everyone's name in your family on a separate biscuit.
    • If trouble continues after an initial warning, a letter is sent to the youngster's parents.
    • In its orthography, German gives an initial capital letter to its nouns, a practice common in English until the mid eighteenth century.
    • Aside from her initial words, she took no notice of the man.
    • I'm nearly at the 10,000 words required for the initial pitch.
    • His initial letter in 1974 was because there had been another man or three other men arrested for the Otero murders.
    • The initial letter in his surname is silent.
    • Show your child the initial letters of other members of the family and, when the post is delivered, see if they can work out whom each item of mail is for.
    • This was its first response to my initial letter, rather than the culmination of a lengthy and bitter exchange!
    • One is that the numerals came from an alphabet in a similar way to the Greek numerals which were the initial letters of the names of the numbers.
    • And yes, Jesus was poor, but not homeless, which was the entire point I was trying to make in my initial letter.
    • Frankly, the initial material and words of advice in Wine Fundamentals are absolutely superb and sensible.
    • The present study examined the role of the convention in German to capitalize the initial letters of nouns.


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    inicial femenino
    my initials mis iniciales
    • She also matched initials to the names of more than a half-dozen workers.
    • Their names were initials until the public knew what the abbreviations stood for.
    • And I thought for a minute that the initials of my name were just unlucky.
    • And so, in similar circumstances, it is likely that someone from the class of 2005 will put his hand up, stamp his mark on the series, and henceforth be known by just one name or perhaps his initials.
    • Customize by choosing any combination of letters: your initials, a nickname, any word you think describes you.
    • Robert's wife Susan said that the irons had such a positive effect that they gave someone who used them a good hair day - the initials of this phrase then became the company's name.
    • He no longer uses his full name, just his initials.
    • It would have been helpful to have each man's name or initials before each letter.
    • The ever-present heart and anchor, symbols of hope and trust, were generally flanked by initials or sometimes even names.
    • Instead of the first and last letters of one word, the tiles can be made to represent the first and second initials of a phrase, name, etc.
    • Bach concluded all his works with the letters AMDG - the initials of the Latin words meaning ‘To the greater glory of God’.
    • We have only the initials for the Christian names of the men in the back row who are dressed in their ordinary clothes.
    • To indicate they have made such a hike, often they scribble their names or initials on rocks or stones or the marker on the top of the mount.
    • If the kerchief carried the lady's initials or name, it was purposely exhibited before the rival lover.
    • Those letters can be the initials of a first or a last name (of a person or a pet), or can represent a title or any other appellation.
    • The name and initials of the interviewed person have been changed for security reasons.
    • The headmaster's chair and canopy featuring a portrait of the school's founder still dominate the original panelled schoolroom, complete with the carved initials and names of generations of schoolboys.
    • If you can remember a few sets of initials, the full names follow automatically.
    • A critical part of a girl's education in this discipline was learning how to stitch letters so she could work her initials or name onto the various linens made for the household.
    • The initials of the French name are also the first 4 letters in the European spelling for the first part of the digestive tract, the oesophagus, so the acronym is very appropriate.

verbo transitivoinitialling, initialled, initialing, initialed

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    ponerle las iniciales a