Traducción de initially en Español:


inicialmente, adv.

Pronunciación /ɪˈnɪʃ(ə)li//ɪˈnɪʃ(ə)li/


  • 1

    al principio
    • His condition was initially described as serious, but he was allowed to go home on Monday.
    • Any such problems should have been ironed out initially and not when the job is nearly complete.
    • He initially told police he had bought the victim's goods from a homeless person.
    • The book didn't have as much of a lasting impression on me as I had initially hoped, sadly.
    • Detectives initially drew a blank as no one of that name was registered missing.
    • She had initially banned the event because of concern it would damage the grass.
    • Moments of panic followed later that night when it initially appeared the ink would not come off.
    • As much as they were scared initially they were also inspired by the strength they witnessed.
    • Both skills were initially learned so that he could earn money and continue painting.
    • Those who initially dismissed the whole thing as a fad are now buying the books to see what the fuss is about.
    • He arrived at the building to see what he initially thought was falling debris.
    • The White House had initially planned to announce the new agency this coming autumn.
    • The provision was initially put in place to protect trade in neighbouring towns.
    • The crowd had initially seemed peaceful when it gathered to protest about a lack of jobs in the town.
    • We thought initially that it would be best for him to leave but he wanted to stay here.
    • The presentation had initially been planned to announce the results of the report.
    • This lack of any Conservative alternative to the council tax initially puzzled me.
    • The teenager had wanted a home birth but her partner had initially been worried.
    • The groups had initially considered paying increased rent to cover the shortfall.
    • I think I found it hard to like the album initially precisely because it's so varied.