Traducción de injure en Español:


herir, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɪndʒə//ˈɪndʒər/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (person) herir
    (person) lesionar formal
    (pride/feelings) herir
    (pride/feelings) lastimar
    (reputation/interests/prospects) dañar formal
    she injured her knee se lesionó la rodilla formal
    • he was slightly/seriously injured in the accident resultó levemente/gravemente herido en el accidente
    • She then tried to bite a police officer's leg and lashed out at a third victim, smashing his glasses and injuring him.
    • It is not thought that anyone was seriously injured, but police have urged anyone who was hurt in the incident, or saw what happened, to contact them.
    • Nobody was injured and it was broken up immediately.
    • Nobody has a right to use them in a way that will diminish or injure their use and enjoyment by others.
    • We were fortunate the engine did not fail in flight and cause additional damage (or injure someone from the thrown blades).
    • Although the explosion created extensive damage, nobody was injured in the blast.
    • Ball lightning is not known to have ever killed or injured anyone, but has caused minor damage.
    • I have killed a man for wounding me, a young man for injuring me.
    • And they can be sentenced for up to six months for throwing fireworks, selling them to minors or in public, causing damage to a road, or injuring someone on a road.
    • They want to catch the pair in case they try to hurt or injure someone else.
    • Two rooms suffered extensive fire and smoke damage but nobody was injured.
    • We do so out of the conviction that scholars of the world are a community and that harm to the academic freedom of some in that community injures the entire community.
    • A U.S. pork industry group requested the duties last year, accusing Canada of selling hogs in the United States at below-market prices and injuring American farmers.
    • Both acts of wanton destruction were deliberately aimed at symbolically injuring the self-esteem of the targeted victims, beside tremendous loss of innocent lives.
    • And if, in fact, you're not appropriate, and you're injuring the station, they'll fire you.
    • A rocket launcher was discharged in the battle area by fellow marines around the time he was fatally injured.
    • I will not intentionally injure you or harm you in any long-lasting way.
    • The glass smashed into the landlord's face, injuring him and causing a deep 4cm cut to his left cheek.
    • And failing that if I could trip him up during the game and injure him; then he would have to retire hurt and I would be victorious.
    • Even if I could manage not to feel that horrible stabbing sickness in my gut when someone got hurt, the thought of actually injuring someone still made me feel ill.
    • It's understood a number of customers in particular were very badly shaken after the ordeal although nobody was physically injured.
    • He had not injured anyone or caused damage, the ministry said on Friday.
    • There were minor traffic delays on that stretch of road, but nobody was injured by the falling cargo and it was cleared up later that evening.
    • A section of fencing was damaged although it is not thought anyone was seriously injured.
    • He was fatally injured when he was thrown from the car as it rolled over.
    • In other words, it means simply that in the performance of a contract both parties are assumed to agree not to do anything to impede its performance, or to injure the right of the other to receive its benefit.
  • 2injured past participle

    she gave me an injured look me miró con expresión ofendida
    • with an air of injured innocence con un aire de inocencia herida
    • I am the injured party soy yo quien sufrió el agravio