Traducción de injury time en Español:

injury time

tiempo de descuento, n.



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    tiempo de descuento masculino
    • They looked like getting it and it was deep into lengthy injury time when the Spaniards scraped a deserved equaliser.
    • Last season Bolton conceded a goal in injury time in five games and it cost the club ten points.
    • The youngster converted all six tries and brought down the curtain with a solo effort as the game was about to go into injury time.
    • I thought we were staring at another defeat when the whistle blew for a free kick to City deep into injury time.
    • With darkness falling in interminable injury time the inevitable happened.
    • They added a second five minutes later and sealed victory with a third goal in injury time.
    • I don't agree with the time wasting bit - a referee can always allow more injury time to compensate.
    • But in injury time James Walshaw made the most of generous defending to bang home the winner.
    • England soaked up the pressure and Wilkinson was able to extend the lead further with another drop goal in injury time.
    • There will be three minutes of injury time, not enough for Germany I fear.
    • Which brings him to another question: what's the longest amount of injury time added?
    • His second brought the sides level as the game moved into injury time but Bath had one last trick up their sleeves.
    • It ended a run of 14 games unbeaten and it was a sickener to concede in injury time of both halves.
    • By the time the referee has sorted out all the pushing and shoving in the penalty box injury time is nearly over.
    • Four minutes plus injury time stands between them and the second round.
    • The Greeks could find no reply after the break and even missed a penalty in injury time.
    • The resilient Germans snatched a dramatic equaliser two minutes into injury time.
    • In the fifth minute of injury time Ireland won a scrum to the right of the English posts.
    • No word was available if the referee would add injury time to the end of the match.
    • Stradbally were always in control but conceded two bad goals going into injury time to concede a draw.