Traducción de inky en Español:


manchado de tinta, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɪŋki//ˈɪŋki/

adjetivoinkiest, inkier

  • 1

    (pen/fingers) manchado de tinta
    • Sometimes too many keys rose at once and jammed together, so his fingers were all inky from pulling them apart.
    • He had been trying to coordinate a week of anti-war campaigning on campus and had just wiped inky fingers across one of the pristine T-shirts.
    • I'll put my inky fingers up and admit that such a truncation popped into my mind straight away.
    • He takes strand of her two-tone hair and twists it in his inky fingers.
    • My fingers are a bit inky after reading, mind - anyone else getting that?
  • 2

    (darkness) impenetrable literario
    (blue) oscuro
    • She wasn't just there on Halloween night - she was there every night… Especially on dark, inky black winter ones.
    • Dark, inky black clouds swathed over the sun and blotted out the sky like a curtain of stormy nightfall.
    • This inky dark Cabernet Sauvignon is that seductive siren.
    • Everything was dark, inky black except for the image floating before him.
    • When he looked into the huge chasm all he could see was the darkest black, the inky color of the unexplored depths of an ancient cave.
    • The only redemption to the inky blackness was her lone lamp.
    • It felt much like a cathedral, with smooth walls of dark stone that soared up into an inky blackness.
    • Suddenly she hands me her torch and wonders off into the thick inky blackness of night.
    • She gripped the iron edges and suspended herself in the inky blackness, as she heard footsteps going through the corridors.
    • She looked down at her hands, seeing nothing but inky blackness.
    • It is inky dark, with fireflies flashing in the trees and a gibbous moon hanging over Venus.
    • I looked up and around me was a infinity of space, stars glittered at me as the last of my home fell away leaving me drifting, drifting away slowly into inky blackness and glimmers of white.
    • Ike turned off the TV with a clap of his hand and the room was pitched instantly into inky blackness.
    • The full moon was shining brightly through the inky blackness.
    • There was a bed covered in rich dark green blankets, the window revealed an inky black night.
    • His eyes were a dark brown, almost inky brown, black in a sense.
    • With a gasp from the motors and a jolt, the ship surged into the overwhelming blackness of space, inky dark except for the sprinkling of stars.
    • They pulled open the warped wooden door and stepped into the inky dark of the carousel.
    • A hundred feet out the ocean began to churn and boil with a dark inky color.
    • However, the sun was soon down below the horizon and the sky was covered with inky blackness, but her brothers were still nowhere to be seen.