Traducción de inner-city en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌɪnəˈsɪti//ˌɪnərˈsɪti/


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    (schools/problems) de las zonas urbanas deprimidas
    • Instead of brawling farmers we were given inner-city violence.
    • He won praise from the judges for his mentoring of scores of inner-city youngsters and helping many of them through to university.
    • An inner-city kid goes looking for an escape and spends the rest of his life in a revolving prison door.
    • The centre, a former run-down inner-city mill, was started up a decade ago.
    • Many of these surplus places are in the inner-city area with the highest levels of social deprivation.
    • The pupil passports, so far restricted to inner-city areas under existing Tory plans, will be extended nationwide.
    • How will the extra crowds and noise affect the growing number of people living in inner-city apartments?
    • Political winds are wafting more money toward segments of the inner-city economy.
    • Today it is held up as a role model of inner-city renewal.
    • And to be free from harassment in inner-city bus stations is a benefit indeed.
    • Crime, fear and grinding poverty plague some of the inner-city regions of Leeds as the gap between rich and poor grows ever wider.
    • Heavy drinking, which now includes women and even children, is blamed by police for a rise in inner-city crime figures.
    • Only his reputation as a father figure to generations of inner-city youngsters saved him from being cast out altogether.
    • Once upon a time, this phrase conjured images of deadly inner-city riots and calls for revolution.
    • Far from ignoring inner-city children, we are investing in them.
    • Demographers have begun to note movements of black people from inner-city areas to leafier suburbs as they become more affluent.
    • Beautifully filmed, it opens in slow motion on windswept dunes before morphing into shots of an inner-city house.
    • Racial problems had been restricted to inner-city areas in a few large cities.
    • They can't blame the frustrations of inner-city poverty for their actions, or the bleakness of life on a grim estate.
    • Both inner-city removals and rapid urban migration swelled its population.