Traducción de innocuous en Español:


inocuo, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪˈnɒkjʊəs//ɪˈnɑkjuəs/


  • 1

    (drug) inocuo
    (comment/person) inofensivo
    • Valentine Day email messages may not be as innocuous as they appear to be.
    • The scheme itself is, as Larry points out, pretty innocuous in isolation, just like bar codes.
    • Honestly you would think that this would be quite an innocuous activity.
    • The sites in the photos have been inspected and found to be innocuous.
    • Similarly, is it possible to develop or tweak software so that innocuous sites aren't blocked?
    • This weighty political analysis lurks behind a more innocuous form.
    • There are a number of issues here from what at the outset appears a pretty innocuous question.
    • Even the most innocuous of subjects would contain a hidden meaning.
    • This may sound innocuous, but it is an important development and it could be key to dealing with doping in the future.
    • The plastic foam box was covered in cloth to disguise it as an innocuous package.
    • In that innocuous sentence is some essence of this great city, this great cruel city.
    • The editorial barely touches on this and simply goes on about how innocuous the Project was.
    • It is also true that some of the incriminating statements quoted in it are fairly innocuous.
    • When this picture was taken it couldn't have seemed more innocuous.
    • He seemed oblivious to the reception this innocuous comment was about to receive.
    • Lurking within that innocuous title is the sense of an artform in crisis.
    • I loved that as a line, because it's so innocuous, and it has more relevance as the movie goes on.
    • At least one good thing I can say about this film is that it is fairly innocuous and gentle.
    • The question is why an innocuous Hollywood film should provoke such a reaction.
    • If this is about engineering reality, the goal seems innocuous enough.