Traducción de inquorate en Español:


Pronunciación /ɪnˈkwɔːreɪt//ɪnˈkwɔːrət//ɪnˈkwɔˌreɪt//ɪnˈkwɔˌrət/


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    the meeting was inquorate no hubo quórum en la reunión
    • It is thought that Labour councillors may simply flood critical meetings today with party representatives, who would veto a deal, or render the talks inquorate by boycotting them.
    • Exhaustion took over, or the meeting became inquorate as the disenchanted voted with their feet.
    • If the community representatives did not constitute the majority of those present with a vote, then the meeting was formally inquorate.
    • Unfortunately, she called for a quorum count and the meeting was found to be inquorate.
    • Granted the terms of Article 40 of Table A Mr Watson has the ability to make any general meeting of Arias inquorate.
    • Most union branch meetings are inquorate, whilst even the most high-profile elections for leading posts held recently, in transport for example, recorded a mere 30 percent turn-out.
    • A frequent response to criticism, from the chair or other members of the ISG, was for them to leave the meeting, thus often rendering it inquorate.
    • A meeting of Newcastle AUT yesterday was inquorate and therefore took no vote on the boycott.
    • As further evidence of this tepid support, the following meeting was inquorate.
    • The abstention rate has been similar in other elections, with branch meetings sparsely attended and frequently inquorate.
    • I called on councillors outside the room to return because the hearing would otherwise be inquorate.
    • She blames him for "inquorate meetings, cynicism and disillusionment" in deepest Calderdale.