Traducción de inscribe en Español:


inscribir algo, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈskraɪb//ɪnˈskrʌɪb/

verbo transitivo

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    • 1.1(engrave)

      (letters/words) inscribir algo
      (design) grabar algo
      to inscribe sth (on sth) grabar algo (en algo)
      • to inscribe sth (with sth) grabar algo (con algo)
      • I opened the locket, with three words inscribed on the inside.
      • These were one liners written by groups of five poets who would each secretly inscribe a word on a slip of paper.
      • Those infamous words were inscribed on the War Room walls.
      • Each capsule was inscribed with the person's name and a personal message.
      • However, she said she did not agree with other relatives of asbestos victims who called recently for the arch to be turned into such a memorial, for example by inscribing the names of victims on it.
      • Everything - from its ads to its shopping bags - is inscribed with its ‘sweatshop-free’ tag line.
      • Three tall memorial archways inscribed with Chinese characters stand outside the temple.
      • Many of these are inscribed with the sayings of ancient emperors, famous poets and scholars.
      • The lad carried the precious words that God inscribed on stone tablets to Ethiopia and today they reside in a little church in the ancient city of Axum.
      • It was engraved with my name and said, ‘First prize for excellence in English’ Under those words were inscribed the date it was won.
      • A golden band encircled it, decked with bells like all the rest of his outfit, and words were inscribed upon it.
      • Those words are inscribed on a Memorial Marker at the place he was shot on the border of Hyde Park.
      • She carried a staff that was inscribed with symbols and what looks like carved patterns of vines, at the top rest a pearl.
      • Jensom led them all into a bright room, filled with monks inscribing words of wisdom onto tablets and papyrus.
      • A single gravestone from this period may be inscribed with epitaphs that belong to as many as seven different individuals, though whether or not the grave contained seven bodies is unknown.
      • The figure six is inscribed backwards while the words and letters are separated by diamonds and hearts.
      • Thousands of bones and tortoise shells were discovered there which had been inscribed with ancient Chinese characters.
      • The watches are inscribed with serial numbers.
      • Not that she noticed, with her head turned down to the tiled floor, the entire surface inscribed with ancient runes by people long since dead.
      • Soon the other boys got the idea and insulting words were soon inscribed on the walls.
      • The five-foot tall bronze-cast structure, which is inscribed with the victims' names, will be unveiled at the accident site.
      • These words, later inscribed on the same rock where he unloaded the box, can be seen even today.
      • I will remember him as a friend who was undaunted, defiant and unrepentant which words we inscribed on his coffin in the early hours of Saturday morning last as we bid him a final farewell.
      • The wallpaper-covered box of about 1830 is inscribed with a schedule for setting out glass eggs to stimulate ducks, chickens, and turkeys to lay.
      • Perhaps, the word is inscribed in English so that a cross-section of tourists would understand it.
      • He inscribed the word ‘boring’ across his recently written notes.
      • The envelope in her hand is inscribed with a man's name and address, suggesting a romantic element.
      • He made drawings with sophisticated perspectival schemes that are inscribed with the hour and day they were made, and concentrate on innumerable subtleties of variation in colour and tone.
      • On their leaves he has inscribed words from Scottish ghost stories.
      • The silver bowl burner is also inscribed with the Special Olympics Logo.
      • Sited on the path to Suilven, his favourite mountain, it is made of sandstone and has a bronze plaque that's inscribed with one of his best-loved poems, Climbing Suilven.
      • It has a face on top, which is inscribed with the letters West Point and the date of graduation.
      • We must inscribe those words alongside some of today's political utterances.
      • The base for the structure, which is inscribed with ‘Lest we Forget’ was installed in 2001 and has been a focal point of the past two Remembrance Day ceremonies.
      • The dark walls were inscribed with some ancient prayer.
      • It can be traced way back to ancient Greece, when the words ‘medicine for the soul’ were inscribed over the door to the library at Thebes.
      • He describes the frame's edges being inscribed with Japanese characters and expresses the wish to translate them.
      • Those are the words inscribed in the entry way of a veterans administration hospital I once visited in my youth.
      • To write properly I would need to know which picture to draw and which sounds from the spoken word to inscribe next to it.
      • Its piercing steel blade is decoratively inscribed with intricate patterns with a crown at its summit.

    • 1.2(fix, impress)


    • 1.3

      (book) dedicar
      • Yesterday a package arrived in the mail: Hugh's book, from Hugh, fresh from the printer and inscribed by the author.
      • The book is inscribed at the front as belonging to a Mrs Janet Maule and is dated 25 June, 1701, although recipes have been added over a number of years.
      • She wrote back saying how touched she was, and how glad that I liked her work, and that I was welcome to send my books along for her to personally inscribe, and that she'd try to take a look at the book.
      • Mailer, disappointed to find that Buckley had apparently neglected to inscribe the book, promptly flipped through the index to see whether he had been mentioned.
      • My only concern is that Timmy sent me an inscribed book that said, ‘I love you, dude.’
      • Unlike the other three copies, these are inscribed.
      • He kindly gave the Diary an inscribed copy of his book of poems, Soldiers Of The Sea, some time ago.
      • Donors to Friends of Hillary receive gifts ranging from a bookmark to a personally inscribed limited edition of the book.
      • He also gets £50 and a personally inscribed copy of my autobiography.
      • Then, ‘With best wishes from one Celt to another’ he inscribed my copy of ‘Colossus’.
      • You once gave me a large coffee table book; it was an Encyclopedia of Vampires, inscribed: ‘To Barry from his personal bloodsucker’.
      • I inscribed it, ‘To Lance, A little book about cycling and friendship’.
      • Instead of the traditional wedding gifts Rachel and Matthew asked their guests to donate a book which had touched that guest's life and inscribe it with a special message.
      • And our prize books were duly inscribed copies of the following three.
      • Before he rushed off, he asked us to inscribe copies of our books for him.

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    • It involves the solution of polygons given certain sides and angles between them, their mensuration, division by diagonals, circumscribing polygons around circles and inscribing polygons in circles.
    • By contrast, when I examine what figures can be inscribed in a circle, it is in no way necessary for me to think that this class includes all quadrilaterals.
    • This he obtained by circumscribing and inscribing a circle with regular polygons having 96 sides.
    • The final part shows how each of the five regular polyhedra can be inscribed in a sphere.
    • Ptolemy calculated chords by first inscribing regular polygons of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 sides in a circle.