Traducción de insecure en Español:


inseguro, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪnsɪˈkjʊə//ˌɪnsɪˈkjɔː//ˌɪnsəˈkjʊr/


  • 1

    (unsafe, exposed)
    • By a cruel twist the town's All Saints' Church was locked for much of last week because one of its inner doors was insecure.
    • The buses banned immediately were found to have defective brakes, tyres, air leaks, insecure doors and seats.
  • 2

    (not firmly fixed)
    (lock/hinge) poco seguro
    • Acting Sergeant Paul Evans from Skipton Police said that residents needed to be mindful about leaving their doors and windows open or insecure in the warm weather.
    • Although the advice is general it has arisen in respect of thefts and burglaries where thieves have simply walked into premises through insecure doors and stolen property left on show whilst people are at home.
    • Many of these systems have insecure password management and are vulnerable to account spoofing and denial-of-service attacks.
    • Computers and storage systems that are physically insecure pose a difficult challenge to enterprises as well.
    • His answers were not satisfactory, and it appeared that he may well have been referring, not to the hazard lights, but to an internal warning light telling him that there was an open or insecure door.
    • Thieves entered through an insecure rear door and removed the brown Radley bag, worth £100, from the kitchen.
    • Only weeks before she had written to the council because of concerns about the insecure front door.
    • The insecure computers have been taken offline until the equipment is in place.
    • In the Furness area, which includes Barrow, there were 404 burglaries, of which 36 per cent were due to insecure doors and windows.
    • The gang of three or four raiders got into the house through an insecure back door between 8pm and 8.20 pm on Saturday night.
    • Just look at Microsoft's buggy, insecure personal computer operating systems over the years.
    • Each time the intruders have got in through insecure windows and doors.
    • Without the ordinary user being able to make reasonable decisions about risk avoidance and risk acceptance, computers and networks are insecure.
    • It must be brought in before the Olympics to protect those in this insecure accommodation.
    • The door had been left insecure as she was expecting her home help to call.
    • Officers were visiting homes and where they find windows and doors insecure they will hand out crime prevention advice to residents.
    • A spokesman for West Yorrkshire police said an insecure back door of the the semi-derelict house had been forced and they were treating the attack as a burglary with racial overtones.
    • Unfortunately due to an insecure external door he was able to slip out of a communal area within the custody unit into the rear enclosed car park of the police station.
    • Otherwise, you risk improper and insecure configuration of all system software, as well as noncertifiable network design.
    • The front door remains insecure from the last time it was kicked in.
  • 3

    (not confident)
    • During the last two years my parents' insistence on an arranged marriage, to a Pakistani Muslim girl, has made me feel increasingly insecure and anxious.
    • They appear anxious, insecure, cautious, sensitive and quiet, and often react by crying and withdrawing.
    • Children who learn at a different pace or are anxious or insecure can also be targets for bullies.
    • The obsession with the far right tells us far more about insecure and uncertain elites than it does about political reality on the ground.
    • High turnover makes remaining employees feel uncertain and insecure.
    • Perhaps I am feeling anxious and insecure, unappreciated, frustrated, and unable to take care of things and people that matter to me.
    • I am also feeling anxious and insecure and I'm not really sure why.
    • And they are not insecure, fearful, anxious as so many of their peers are.
    • None of us wanted to ‘need’ cigarettes almost desperately and to feel insecure and anxious without them.
    • It has a particular resonance among the disaffected middle classes, who have become increasingly anxious and insecure as a result of wider social and political shifts over the past decade.
    • It's normal to feel insecure, but don't cower and avoid uncertainty.
    • Everything that is happening out there says, people are insecure and uncertain about what's ahead.
    • Let's face it: You may be insecure, lonely, stressed or anxious.
    • Thus, the confident, happy associate or secretary may be more likely to complain than her insecure, anxious counterpart.
    • A fanatical believer is a very insecure and fearful person.
    • I feel: insecure, confused, uncertain, jealous, stupid, useless, used, saddened, frustrated, and so on.
    • Yet the attack has made such an impact on the anxious and insecure Western elites that there is serious talk of it causing an economic recession.
    • A neglectful, stressed or inconsistent parent gave the kind of care which tended to lead to anxious, insecure or avoidant children.
    • Many of these children become aligned with only one parent so they become less anxious and insecure.
    • It is no surprise, in these circumstances, that survey after survey shows that workers feel more insecure and anxious than at any time in our peacetime history.