Traducción de insensitive en Español:


insensible, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈsɛnsədɪv//ɪnˈsɛnsɪtɪv/


  • 1

    (person) insensible
    (behavior) falto de sensibilidad
    to be insensitive to sth ser insensible a algo
    • he is quite insensitive to beauty es totalmente insensible a la belleza
    • The connection between religious beliefs and epilepsy is a curiosity, but for those living with the difficulty of epileptic seizures these concerns may seem a little insensitive.
    • ‘Learn the value of any criticism, even harsh and insensitive criticism,’ Clark said.
    • Prepare your child for insensitive questions or uncaring remarks that may come from adults when the SEA results are out.
    • Well, if he is two-faced, self-centred, plausibly insincere, manipulative and insensitive… be concerned.
    • The characters are often insensitive and cruel.
    • It's tempting to take this study as justification for any overreactions we women may have had to insensitive remarks.
    • Furious critics have condemned her insensitive remarks as ‘appalling’.
    • Jody quickly calmed her down, knowing that she had just made an insensitive remark.
    • I've apologized for the - you know, the remarks and what they seemed to infer in such an insensitive way.
    • Next thing you take her at her word and you never hear the end of it… how all you care about is you, and how you are insensitive and unfeeling!
    • The simple task of baking a cake defeats Laura, her domesticity challenged by a friend's insensitive remark that ‘anyone can bake a cake’.
    • Some might call him insensitive, callous even, but he believes there's some plain talk that America and a large part of the rest of the world needs to hear.
    • Others are still insensitive and thoughtless.
    • Male or female, they can be insensitive, callous, immature, selfish, proud (without base), and chauvinistic.
    • I don't want the ability to be harsh or insensitive just to shock my readers.
    • Practice compassion, conquering callous, cruel and insensitive feelings toward all beings.
    • The chilling and insensitive arrogance of this remark is breathtaking.
    • Don't let your silence become tacit approval for insensitive, derogatory or racist remarks made by professional athletes.
    • To give any more away would make me as insensitive and unfeeling as a cannibal.
    • His remarks are also particularly insensitive as we approach the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings when so many soldiers gave their lives to help liberate Europe.
  • 2

    to be insensitive to sth ser insensible a algo
    • she is amazingly insensitive to the cold es sorprendentemente insensible al frío
    • to be insensitive to light ser insensible a la luz
    • Teeth form mainly from neuroectoderm and comprise a crown of insensitive enamel surrounding sensitive dentine and a root that has no enamel covering.
    • Glucose sensitive and glucose insensitive neurons of the lateral hypothalamic area have shown differential responsiveness to gustatory and olfactory stimuli.
    • Estimation of the length for photoperiodically sensitive and insensitive phases of each genotype on the basis of equation involves an iterative regression procedure.
    • A number of other biochemical variables either remained insensitive to lead exposure or responded moderately to chelation treatment.
    • Hygge and colleagues also found that noise-exposed children are relatively insensitive to speech, even though their hearing is unimpaired.
    • AHG procedures were often too insensitive or overly sensitive.
    • In contrast, petal wilting was either ethylene sensitive or insensitive, and this was also generally consistent within families or subfamilies.
    • Oxygen utilization that was insensitive to KCN and sensitive to SHAM was indicative of the presence of the alternative pathway.
    • Diploid clones insensitive to rotenone and sensitive to antimycin A + myxothiazol were selected.
    • In barley and Arabidopsis sensitive and insensitive components of the high-affinity K + uptake have been described.
    • We become insensitive to pain, cold, wind, homesickness, thirst, hunger.
    • Examples of regulatory regions that were highly sensitive, moderately sensitive, and insensitive were found.
    • The paradox is that tilapia islets produce insulin in a very glucose sensitive manner but simultaneously appear to be peripherally insensitive to insulin.
    • Finally it is only at the level of the plasmalemma or the cytoskeleton itself, and assuming that sensitive and insensitive zones are serially connected that the stresses might be relevant.
    • The followers we studied that hyperpolarize in response to HA and show increasing membrane conductance are insensitive to NO.