Traducción de insistent en Español:


insistente, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈsɪst(ə)nt//ɪnˈsɪstənt/


  • 1

    the salesman was very insistent el vendedor insistió mucho
    • to be insistent that insistir en que
    • she was most insistent that you should visit her/that she hadn't done it insistió mucho en que la visitaras/en que no lo había hecho
    • You would appreciate the Court has been very insistent on the importance of the warning.
    • She shook off the insistent nagging of her own questions and determinedly began again.
    • I will explain why we are insistent on peace and we want to maintain peace.
    • They are also having great fun, absorbed in what they are doing, breaking off only to fire insistent questions at their teacher.
    • In a near-riot, the crowd's frenzied attentions grew so insistent that people had to be lifted out of the way to let Collins through.
    • Still, she's insistent that the sporran is a unisex accessory.
    • Xavier's case has yet to be resolved and he is insistent that he did not knowingly take any banned drugs.
    • Given that there was no question of drunk driving, we were fairly insistent on being told what we were being pulled over for.
    • I told him he didn't have to marry me, but he was insistent.
    • He arrived, clearly intoxicated and insistent on me practicing the hymn so that he could sing along at the top of his [Canadian] voice.
    • Islam, the religion, is uncompromisingly insistent about the preservation of the free and fair market.
    • Despite Jake's insistent questions, he refused to explain the purchases.
    • But there were many responses all over and we all know that life is stronger and more insistent than its precepts.
    • The bass is of utmost importance throughout - simple yet insistent.
    • Ken is also looking forward to the upcoming league and championship campaigns, and is insistent that we can do well in both.
    • Donegal, as a team, are still fairly insistent on passing the ball from one end of the field to the other, without it touching a boot.
    • Three singers are matched against tight, insistent rhythm and brass sections, and chiming riffs from four guitarists.
    • Sir Robert Peel, who founded modern policing, was insistent that the police had no special privileges.
    • In any case, if you are insistent on hanging an individual label on this disgrace to humanity, Campbell isn't the one you should choose.
    • He was insistent that people smuggling was criminal and we couldn't reward that by letting the refugees in.
  • 2

    (urgent, pressing)
    (need) apremiante
    • The flavours are narrow and insistent, unsubtle and repetitive.
    • Rena turns to Greg, demanding him to be silent with her insistent, steady glare.
    • Tom Morello's insistent riffs and scorching solos were supported squarely by the rhythm section.
    • It seems that at the heart of the Universe there is a steady, insistent beat.
    • Toure sounds outrageously laid-back, but the insistent rhythmic pulse in his music is hypnotic and irresistible.
    • Every third dog causes me to hyperventilate and produce insistent grunting sounds.
    • Groaning, he turned over to bury his head in his pillow, but the scratching and insistent squeaking from the cage in the corner was adamant.
    • A handful of insistent reports from the war front keep coming to mind.
    • The melodies have the nagging, insistent quality of advertising jingles, impossible to get out of your head once they're in.
    • It wasn't a friendly sounding knock, but an insistent one, that demanded attention.
    • Yet the sense of an ending has become an insistent warning.
    • I was determined to ignore the insistent noise until Carol was roused from the couch to answer her telephone call.
    • Life at Longonot Ranch House starts early with the insistent chatter of birds and the scent of freshly ground Kenyan coffee.
    • It was pouring down while they did The Box, driving, insistent, intense rain, just like the song.
    • What, then, is one to make of Moore's insistent theme that readers of his books are doomed to squalor?
    • I can tell by the insistent beeping growing slower and slower by the moment.
    • The voice emanating from behind the dashboard was insistent.
    • There is a subtle but insistent tiger theme running through my house.
    • I shall write insistent letters to comedy networks telling them to put her on television.
    • I had made the tactical error of drinking two cans of Diet Coke as I had waited and Nature and all its insistent whinings was calling me.