Traducción de instigator en Español:


instigador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪnstɪˌɡeɪdər//ˈɪnstɪɡeɪtə/


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    instigador masculino
    instigadora femenino
    incitador masculino
    incitadora femenino
    • The author thus implies that the means to understanding the causes of the violence and the motivations of its instigators lie in the study of the previous fourteen centuries.
    • In the manner of Late Roman politics the instigator of the new troubles, Arbogastes, had been instrumental in bringing down Maximus.
    • The grizzled man is the instigator of all the troubles between Billy and the master-at-arms.
    • Can architects become instigators of greater disaster-response collaboration?
    • Men's health self-help is both an instigator and a product of this ideology.