Traducción de institute en Español:


iniciar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɪnstɪtjuːt//ˈɪnstəˌt(j)ut/

verbo transitivo


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    (inquiry/search) iniciar
    Derecho (proceedings/action) entablar
    Derecho (action/proceedings) iniciar
    • Judicial separation was available only in the High Court [that is the Irish High Court], where the procedure for instituting proceedings was complex.
    • Alexander G. and Andrea H. agreed to institute legal proceedings.
    • As is typical, the levying of the fine is a new policy instituted by the local government without adequately notifying the public.
    • Divorce proceedings were instituted with the inevitable claims for corollary relief including of course for equalization of the net family properties.
    • The failure to accept the without prejudice offer led to the need to institute proceedings.
    • In many cases, those affected can institute proceedings in court.
    • Lynching was instituted to crush the manhood of the enfranchised black.
    • A company in liquidation has instituted proceedings under the Trade Practices Act in general equitable principle in the Federal Court.
    • As a consequence of this, he is prevented from instituting legal proceedings except with the leave of the Supreme Court of Queensland or a Judge thereof.
    • In 1914 the government had sufficient trust in its citizens to institute a patriotic scheme whereby lathe hobbyists would make fully functioning artillery shells in their garages.
    • Since I'm trying to institute a policy of transparency here, I have something else to reveal.
    • Medical treatment should be instituted to prevent further complications and give you symptomatic relief.
    • Today the firm apologised for the incident and pledged it had instituted an action plan to prevent a repeat of the incident at its Low Moor plant.
    • Could I say in relation to it that it is an issue which we would seek to raise in any event by instituting proceedings in the original jurisdiction of the Court.
    • It did not authorise the giving of a notice to a person who was already a defendant in penalty proceedings instituted by the Commission.
    • This law instituted a royalty scheme for webcasts of copyrighted material.
    • A yard crew bus service was instituted to meet these buses and move employees to their place of work.
    • It follows that State judicial authorities may be reluctant to prosecute State agents or to institute proceedings against private individuals that might eventually involve State organs.
    • So, as the new season begins, your favorite correspondent has decided to turn over a new leaf and institute some new policies.
    • The plaintiff had instituted civil proceedings against the police following an investigation under the Police Act 1964, s 49.
    • This year is the first since the health insurance scheme was instituted that the bureau has not allowed a two-month buffer zone during which cardholders can use their old cards.
    • Singularity, order and repetition are instituted to check accumulation and sprawl.
    • The last thing you need is a tenant who won't pay rent and then forces you to go to court to institute eviction proceedings.
    • But, he stresses, the refuge also institutes capricious policies.
    • After the wife instituted proceedings in the Family Court, a share which was held by the husband in the trustee company, was transferred to the children of the marriage.
    • She instituted proceedings against her landlord for breach of his repairing covenant and he counterclaimed for possession.
    • Early discharge and outpatient surgery procedures are being instituted to control the cost of health care.
    • We instituted a policy several years ago-we do not install computers in classrooms.
    • Others can't meet funeral costs, and some don't even know how to institute legal proceedings.
    • Use of chemical warfare was instituted to destroy food crops.
    • Some pundits argue that we need to aggressively institute Keynesian policies, while forcing the banks to lend.
    • It seems that if such a defence fails, the vexatious litigant does require permission to institute appellate proceedings.
    • According to the Mishnah and Jerusalem Talmud, a complex system of internal controls was instituted to sell and distribute items.
    • Your Honour, except that the Attorney-General is instituting the proceedings seeking to exercise rights to ensure that in relation to the Constitution there has not been error in a court exercising jurisdiction under the Constitution.
    • The award has been instituted to recognise literary excellence among Indian authors and is currently the only literary award of its kind in the country.
    • He would replace a government that is instituted to protect our inalienable rights with one that enforces his own barbaric moral code and bigotry.
    • Perhaps an ongoing program could be instituted to inform people of the benefits of following safe driving procedures.
    • The applicant then instituted fresh proceedings for judicial review of the Tribunal's decision in the Federal Magistrates Court.
    • As a part of the process of the hearing of that application, or during the process of the hearing of that application in the MRT, the High Court proceedings were instituted.
    • That issue was pursued further in the first of three court proceedings instituted by Milstein.
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    (post/committee/rule) instituir
    (service/system) establecer


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    instituto masculino