Traducción de instrumentalist en Español:


instrumentista, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnstrəˈmɛnt(ə)lɪst//ˌɪnstrəˈmɛn(t)ələst/


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    instrumentista femenino
    • The singers and instrumentalists were placed on either side of the stage.
    • Given the radiantly musical performances for singers and instrumentalists alike, surely we could have been spared some of the unnecessary busyness.
    • Among them were composers, instrumentalists, vocalists and lecturers in the theory of music.
    • An exceptional singer, songwriter and skilled instrumentalist, Irish Music magazine hailed him as ‘one of the country's major folk voices’.
    • The conductor and the instrumentalists establish a French style in the overture.
    • She also is the pianist for Meadowbrook Church and frequently accompanies instrumentalists and vocalists for competitions, auditions and recitals.
    • Unlike many other instrumentalists who control a musical tone from its beginning to its end, the pianist relinquishes control as soon as the sound is heard.
    • Vocalists and instrumentalists can use them to provide accompaniment if a live accompanist is not available which probably is most of the time.
    • Is it any wonder that the stereotype of choral singers is that we have less musical skill than instrumentalists?
    • Set in the attractive surroundings of Canford School at historic Wimborne, Dorset, the school offers a variety of courses that are of interest to instrumentalists, singers, pianists and conductors.
    • These three singer/composer/instrumentalists deliver original pop songs interspersed with passionate renditions of Celtic and Eastern European folk tunes.
    • Their rapid scherzos, fugal finales, and dependence on four equally engaging string players attest as much to the virtuosity of the instrumentalists employed at court as to Haydn's accomplishment.
    • This also is excellent preparation for accompanying other instrumentalists or vocalists and for composition.
    • Of the 44 instrumentalists, excluding pianists, who graduated in 1994, 36 alumni were interviewed for the article; eight members of the class could not be found.
    • That he is a superior instrumentalist, a thoughtful musician, a questing spirit, and a great charmer, no one doubts.
    • Unlike most instrumentalists, pianists must perform on whatever instrument is made available to them.
    • But there is little tolerance for guitarists, bodhrán players or other instrumentalists doing the same - they either come as ready-formed virtuosi, or leave their instruments at home.
    • These include solo, chamber music and concerto competitions, as well as ensemble festivals and competitions for string performers, vocalists, pianists and other instrumentalists.
    • The competition is open to pianists or string instrumentalists ages 13 through 19.
    • Fortunately, with recordings and film aiding our memories, these singers, instrumentalists, conductors, and composers need never fade from memory, and they may live forever.