Traducción de insure en Español:


asegurar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈʃʊə//ɪnˈʃɔː//ɪnˈʃʊr/

verbo transitivo

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    he insured his life for $500,000 se hizo un seguro de vida de 500.000 dólares
    • I'm insured to drive any car con mi seguro puedo manejar cualquier coche
    • the sum insured la cantidad asegurada
    • to insure sth/sb against sth asegurar algo/a algn contra algo
    • you must insure yourself/your home against fire tienes que asegurarte/asegurar la casa contra incendios
    • we're insured against all risks estamos asegurados contra todo riesgo
    • They want to better identify the risk they are insuring, and they also want the client to take on the management of the risk.
    • But what players had the wherewithal to insure against potential energy losses for the entire State of California?
    • GE is certainly going to suffer a net economic loss if any of their executives or even middle managers drop dead - are you going to keep them from insuring the risk?
    • Some insurance firms will not insure a property if it still has older wiring.
    • That's why we will find a way of enabling people to insure against the loss of their homes and savings if they have to go into care.
    • First, that it was an ordinary personal accident policy whereby payment of the sums insured was independent of any fault by anybody.
    • It was for the individual to insure his property against fire; it was not for the community to do this for him.
    • No carrier will insure a high-risk property if a loss of, say, $3 billion would wipe out the company before government aid kicks in.
    • The entire nuclear power industry is only insured for $9.3 billion.
    • Merrill added a new question to its monthly poll, about whether investors insured the currency risk of their dollar investments.
    • The object of the contract is to insure against accidental death and injuries, and the contract must not be construed so as to defeat that object, nor so as to render it practically illusory.
    • Can he insure the property with another insurer?
    • Insurers believe that this category, often ignored, is just as important as insuring property and equipment.
    • The very public policy reason insurers do not insure against punitive damages, is that we don't want insurance to cover the perpetrators of intentional bad acts.
    • He was not insured for either loss, and they follow the disastrous John Street Market fire last year which wiped out Mr Raper's stall.
    • There is imposed upon the employer an obligation to insure against loss or damage by all these perils, in quite general terms.
    • Those who have third party cover are not insured for water damage to their vehicles.
    • They were insured for the loss but the insurance company then came after me to recoup the costs.
    • Insurance has been around for a long, long time, but it's just the popularity of insuring the risks of faltering stock prices, rising interest rates, and credit losses that has taken the world by storm during this cycle.
    • The wife shall ensure the property is fully insured for all perils to closing at her expense and for full insurable value.
    • She said that only five per cent of private property was insured.
    • Well, I mean, you would have to know exactly what he means by insuring the risks.
    • I would be surprised if it were not insured for damages for libel or defamation anywhere in the world, and if it is not, then it should be.
    • Unless a property is adequately insured, the owner could have to pay a proportion of the reinstatement costs.
    • Flood risk used to be insured separately but that stopped in the 1960s when it was seen as an integral part of household cover and brought into building and contents policies.
    • Both insure against loss or damage to gear and set premiums on declared value.
    • But either they cover the risks required to be insured against by section 143 and 145 of the Road Traffic Act 1972 and applied by the certificates or they do not.
    • When it comes to motor vehicles, be sure that you are insured for the correct value and don't forget extras like a canopy and bull-bars when determining this.
    • So… are the sums insured up to date and adequate?
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