Traducción de insurrection en Español:


insurrección, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪnsəˈrɛkʃ(ə)n//ˌɪnsəˈrɛkʃ(ə)n/



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    insurrección femenino formal
    • The popular insurrection gave the government a much greater mandate than any election.
    • Nothing frightened slave-dependent societies more than the prospect of widespread slave insurrections.
    • One sector, led by the Ministry of Education and the Mayor of Caracas, called for a popular insurrection to defend the government.
    • In Germany workers played a leading part in the 1848 insurrections.
    • Most of the uprisings were local insurrections against specific circumstances - usually the building of a castle or the exactions of a local Norman lord.
    • The insurrection swept the old government from office and could only be crushed by the might of the Russian army.
    • An urban insurrection in Jerusalem was followed by a general uprising of the Jewish peasantry.
    • Stalin saw the organisers of the insurrection as reactionary nationalists who would stand in the way of future Soviet hegemony.
    • An agrarian insurrection swept across the region in the 1880s.
    • However, international governing bodies can help to shed light on the relation of proper authority to revolutionary wars and political insurrections through their legitimacy-conferring function.
    • In 1920 British troops put down an insurrection in Iraq, and crushed protests and strikes in favour of independence in Egypt.
    • In February 1917 economic strikes and food protests led by women fused into a general strike that drew the army into an insurrection.
    • An insurrection by French resistance forces freed the city.
    • The Maoist rebels have been waging a Marxist insurrection in Nepal for nine years to abolish the monarchy.
    • Then there was an insurrection in which the British killed 10,000 people.
    • They were under the general orders of Mola and Franco, the leaders of the military insurrection that had sparked the Spanish Civil War.
    • The long-simmering anger of alienated black youth at racism and economic injustice in the ghettos was erupting into violent and destructive urban insurrections.
    • 1968 was the big year of revolt, its epicentre the student-led insurrection in Paris.
    • For a short while, the police continued to insist that they had thwarted an armed insurrection.
    • There is a long history of sections of the army and even the police coming over to the side of the people during insurrections.