Traducción de intact en Español:


intacto, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈtakt//ɪnˈtækt/


  • 1

    to be/remain intact estar/seguir intacto
    • he's kept his dignity intact ha mantenido intacta su dignidad
    • If they had been left intact we would have had a city centre to be proud of with many modernised buildings.
    • Our most important task is always to keep our sense of being a person intact.
    • The British Army could withdraw with its reputation in credit and its honour intact.
    • The day of reckoning has past and somehow I managed to survive reasonably intact.
    • It was my first time on the wreck and I was surprised to find it lying intact and in pristine condition.
    • Surely I am worth more to my family if my self-esteem is intact and I am living for me?
    • Part of the promise during purchase was that the collection would remain intact.
    • You might want to stop and make sure they're still intact, and that the path you're on is your own.
    • The fifty buck fine would have been a small price to pay to have kept my integrity intact.
    • Unfortunately it's missing the stills from the film, but the text is still intact.
    • The main mast, which is lying across the front deck, had its cylindrical shape intact.
    • She was reported to be intact except for the heavy damage sustained to the stern.
    • The Guardian says that the bus which allegedly had its windows blown out appeared to be intact on film.
    • The egg remains perfectly intact while it is in free fall under the action of gravity.
    • Most of the eggs remained intact and some were even decorated by the children.
    • Holes were punched in four windows at the post office but the security glass remained intact.
    • You must be more or less intact at death and not suffering from certain specified diseases.
    • This provision should be allowed to remain intact and not be damaged by any new proposal.
    • Although her brain was intact, she could just about blink and could barely speak.
    • He has now departed with his respect and integrity intact and his reputation enhanced.