Traducción de integrated en Español:


integrado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɪntɪɡreɪtɪd//ˈɪn(t)əˌɡreɪdəd/


  • 1

    (forming a whole)
    (network/system) integrado
    • Cell migration is a dynamic, integrated process that is coordinated both spatially and temporally.
    • The directorate will facilitate a more coordinated and integrated move toward Air Force transformation.
    • First, in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the armed forces had to be unified into an integrated system.
    • The subject capacitor may have multiple capacitor components or aspects thereof in an integrated package.
    • Johnson Controls attempts to make that aspect of choosing integrated security options less daunting.
    • My second point relates to the integrated offender management system.
    • Songs can be transferred to the handset using a USB connection or the phone's integrated Bluetooth link.
    • A light rail link is of little value unless part of an integrated system.
    • Most systems can incorporate an integrated maintenance management program.
    • You would see certain kinds of services that would be an integrated aspect of that user interface.
    • Other interesting aspects of the car are an advanced integrated chassis and dynamic system, improved safety measures and a five-speed automatic gearbox as an option on some models.
    • He is resolutely behind a modern integrated rail system for the capital.
    • Lockhead and First Group are believers in integrated transport links using trains, buses, trolleybuses and trams to increase passenger usage.
    • But recognising the potential for such an emergency medical system does not mean that an integrated coordinated system yet exists.
    • As alluded to above, what is needed is an integrated strategy which links all community services.
    • Connect a hose to the integrated filtration system and fill the 50-gallon water tank from a stream, river, or lake.
    • The situation demanded an integrated and co-ordinated response, with all joining hands to rid the country of the problem, Themba said.
    • A better integrated transport system would mean faster and better links with other parts of the country.
    • What is needed is an integrated plan that links economic transformation to key areas such as education, health and infrastructure.
    • There was also a need for sanitation delivery programmes to be linked to municipal integrated development plans.
  • 2

    (not separate)
    (feature/component) incorporado
    (component/feature) integrado
    • There are currently 16000 children studying at 47 integrated schools throughout Northern Ireland.
    • About 6% of the NI school population is in integrated schools, but some complex patterns are emerging.
    • West of Scotland Catholics cannot be forced into integrated schools.
    • The paper proposes that the Minister be given power to reorganise and close integrated schools, something he cannot currently do.
    • I support the state funding of integrated schools on the proviso that they provide free education, teach the national curriculum and are non-discriminatory.
    • By the tenth anniversary of Brown only 1.17 percent of black schoolchildren in the eleven former Confederate states were attending integrated schools.
    • But in a leafy new mixed development of Catholics and Protestants, where most children attend the local integrated school, it is not supposed to happen.
    • The news that it could be well on the way to having its own integrated school is surely welcome news for a town that has not enjoyed its fair share of good community relations in the past.
    • But it is time to realise that we do not have a choice between political co-operation and integrated schools in the long term.
    • But the church was more associated with the liberal Upper West Side and had an integrated congregation.
    • By contrast, other religious groups seeking exemption from integrated schools are active participants in both civil society and politics, and seek to influence public policy generally.
    • However, other important changes were coming as Clemson prepared to change from an all-White institution to an integrated institution.
    • But even in integrated schools, blacks still receive an inferior education.
    • In junior high, she went to an integrated school.
    • Twenty-five years on, the Kinana Sugar Company boasts of being the world's largest integrated producer of white sugar.
    • Not my cup of tea but hardly unusual compared to the other integrated schools out there.
    • I think it is possible that the State could develop integrated schools with other faiths in future.
    • He noted that Clark also ran doll tests in integrated schools up North, and got the same or even more dramatic results as he did in segregated schools.
    • Irreversibly blind adults who cannot be helped through surgery are referred to rehabilitation programmes, while children are encouraged to attend integrated schools.
    • A child of the civil rights movement, she attended integrated schools and sends her son to one of the private academies.
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    no segregacionista
  • 4

    (person/personality) equilibrado