Traducción de integrity en Español:


integridad, n.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈtɛɡrədi//ɪnˈtɛɡrɪti/


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    integridad femenino
    • ‘A point has come where my moral integrity is on trial and I have to do what I feel is right,’ he said.
    • And this type of cruel activity tells a lot about the moral integrity of a person.
    • Then again, integrity, honesty and character are not items that can be used to describe today's left.
    • However, honesty and integrity are not common traits to many, especially when the prize is irresistible.
    • May we instill in them the qualities of loyalty, integrity, and duty.
    • Every person has a responsibility to behave with integrity, honesty and fairness.
    • That meant that he'd cease to have the same integrity on policy and principle: you need to compromise to win elections.
    • While people may be sceptical about politicians who moralise, they are anxious to see them display integrity and principle.
    • As such I would be looking for a long-term leader, someone with integrity and principles.
    • He was a man of strong character and integrity who liked to understand things for himself.
    • But Frist has a solid record of integrity and a strong record as a humanitarian.
    • Leaders should not only speak with forthright approach, but base it on their own strong sense of integrity and will to work.
    • If the quality of integrity is absent in the person, how can it be present in his or her ideas?
    • Parents should teach their children that honesty and integrity are traits that matter in life.
    • I knew him for years, travelled his country with him, and he was a man of strong character and integrity.
    • The nobility, integrity, and visionary qualities of the man are reflected in his music.
    • He has enormous integrity and a clear moral code that he abides by.
    • The President also demanded loyalty, integrity, and honest and hard work from his men and women he had chosen to work with.
    • They felt that I was honest and full of integrity and business capabilities.
    • Those who doubted, and they were few, spoke of a man of integrity with a strong commitment to republicanism.
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    integridad femenino
    • The Paris treaty of Peace signed in 1946 secured Bulgaria's territorial integrity.
    • Yeltsin had made repeated overtures to the Chechens to preserve Russia's territorial integrity.
    • Our constitution is a symbol of plurality, equality, justice, harmony, unity and integrity.
    • An alliance with Britain would offer no guarantees with regard to territorial integrity of the Netherlands in Europe.
    • The negative consequences endanger Pakistan's integrity and solidarity.
    • A question has emerged on the territorial integrity of the country.
    • If the country's territorial integrity is to be respected, they must somehow work together.
    • Ideas of territorial integrity and the ownership of territory are very strong.
    • We want an Iraq that preserves its territorial integrity, its unity and its sovereignty.
    • Territorial integrity of Bulgaria is not under danger, nor is that of most countries around the world.
    • The key element is to preserve the activity and integrity of the specimen.
    • The principle of maintaining the territorial integrity of states remained sacrosanct.
    • His objective of subverting the unity and territorial integrity of India remains unchanged.
    • Note also its traditional reference to territorial integrity.
    • The frame is braced with a steel support to preserve its integrity, and then the destructive fun begins.
    • It therefore meant to undermine the territorial integrity of Greece.
    • We shall respect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of all our neighbours.
    • This includes controls which are in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety.
    • If we want our own rights to bodily integrity preserved, we have no choice but to uphold hers.
    • Games which break the constitution, threaten national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity will be banned.