Traducción de intellect en Español:


intelecto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪn(t)lˌɛkt//ˈɪntəlɛkt/


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    intelecto masculino
    inteligencia femenino
    powers of intellect capacidad intelectual femenino
    • Learn to reason with your intellect and not be led by your fascination for thrills and the unknown.
    • This is associated with intellect, reason and truth.
    • Character, intellect, wisdom count for nothing, only the physical matters.
    • Nevertheless, he was a man of fine physical presence and good though rather superficial intellect.
    • But, we all have the potential to allow our genetic tribalistic instincts to overcome reason and intellect.
    • First it is a denial of the power of the human intellect to reason out understanding.
    • It reflects our own intellect rather than an absolute and non-human mind.
    • Discussion on how exactly this intellect is to be understood started very early.
    • Man, by reason of his intellect, is capable of greatest evil.
    • This, combined with my complete lack of intellect, is the reason why I'm never seen reading in public.
    • Is that definition of intellect objectively ‘better’ than a televisual based one?
    • This superiority man owes to reason and intellect.
    • There's a real interplay between intellect and reason in the arts, but so much depends on that instinct.
    • ‘When I was young, I paid more regard to intellect than judgment,’ he once said.
    • Science is about intellect, reason and rationality, and art is about spirit, emotions, passion.
    • There are times when we are at our best when we use our intellect and our reason.
    • I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with senses, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.
    • It seems to me that some people from London (not the South in general) think that they are somehow superior in intellect and reason than us up North.
    • It is a matter of intellect, thought, indirect leadership, advice, and consensus-building.
    • We may understand something with our intellect, yet it may not have filtered down into our hearts and bones and muscles.
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    inteligencia femenino
    cerebro masculino
    • A formidable intellect, a compassionate man of integrity and a scholar of the law, he already is a terrific judge.
    • The intent is to get them off the benefit, which is not understood by the intellects on the other side of the House.
    • We need keen intellects and educated minds to weigh decisions that could mean life or death to millions and dictate the unforeseeable future.
    • Bill Clinton is often described as one of the keenest political intellects of the age.
    • His abilities are great, surpassing even our most renowned intellects in the ways of electropsionics and magnopsionics.
    • Perhaps for that reason, Cameron was not known as a great intellect.
    • Most universities operate in the world of the intellect: the person with the best idea is the brightest.
    • He was an intellect and he was a writer and he understood theatre and how a play is constructed and he brought all of those talents to bear as well.
    • To the world, he was one of the brightest intellects of a very great intellectual era.
    • But he is not, in fact, a savage intellect doling out ironic, icy wit all around him.
    • Therefore, many scholars and latter day thinkers and intellects disagreed with him on a variety of issues.
    • This is a highly recommended collection from a highly regarded intellect and one that will not disappoint.
    • All intellects will agree an individual has no power.
    • Such an approach will only work for true intellects - scientists with unique philosophy and vision.
    • But I knew that he enjoyed the reputation as one of the keenest intellects and best Supreme Court advocates in the highly competitive Washington legal market.
    • The Spanish Scholastics remain profoundly admired by Catholics as the great intellects they were.
    • Though not a Roman Catholic, he had been made a member of the Papal Academy as one of the outstanding intellects of the age.