Traducción de intellectual en Español:


intelectual, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪn(t)əˈlɛk(t)ʃ(u)əl//ˌɪntəˈlɛktʃʊəl/


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    (process/person/power) intelectual
    the work makes few intellectual demands on her el trabajo le exige poco intelectualmente
    • A rare breed in comedy - intellectual rigour and the ability to crack hilarious jokes.
    • In his own time he also visited other blogs, to pinch ideas for intellectual stimulation, and to attract return visitors.
    • That's probably the most intellectual letter we've had for a while.
    • This requires hard work, intellectual effort, and the maturity to live with differing points of view.
    • Steele stressed that the task did not measure a person's level of intellectual ability.
    • Such was his intellectual ability that he was able to skip lectures to go climbing yet still graduate with flying colours.
    • Children affected with cerebral palsy generally have basic intellectual ability.
    • If Turkey really wants to be European, an intellectual elite that can make itself heard will have to develop.
    • Your intellectual ability is tempered with sympathetic feelings.
    • There is no question that she has the intellectual ability to succeed in whatever program she chooses.
    • Any more, and the stimulation of intellectual life will magnify the bonds of social life.
    • It builds up both the physical and intellectual abilities of those practising it.
    • In some cases the mother may also be limited in terms of intellectual ability and emotional capacity.
    • She was a lady of generosity, love and friendship and of great intellectual ability and laity.
    • All of those things require a degree of intellectual effort.
    • So farmers are aware that the animals that they are keeping have a significant intellectual ability.
    • The level of knowledge, enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity was truly inspiring.
    • To say more would require something of an intellectual or stylistic mandate which Lanchester conspicuously does not have.
    • This global health focus offered academics intellectual stimulation and prestige.
    • She explained these as exercise, nourishment and intellectual stimulation.
    • These pursuits require mental acuteness, intellectual agility and detailed analysis.
    • The Renaissance in Europe was a remarkable period of artistic, cultural, and intellectual activity.
    • It is great having the planning time and the intellectual stimulation of adults and colleagues.
    • To flourish, to make a success of life, requires engagement in intellectual pursuits.
    • We have got to probe her intellectual ability to deal with these issues.
    • Looking back I think it's obvious they felt threatened and felt a need to denigrate my intellectual ability.
    • Perhaps all that stands in the balance here is a highbrow intellectual debate.
    • There isn't the vibrant intellectual culture that is needed to support a good arts scene.
    • In its ambition, its intellectual vigour and its knowledge, it more than justifies its place on any bookshelf.
    • But, in the end, it is a production in which raw passion is always subservient to intellectual cleverness.
    • Once again, however, despite its intellectual appeal, this scenario still has a number of problems.
    • I fear I failed to provide the requisite intellectual stimulation and he moved on.
    • This clearly represents the limit of her intellectual abilities.
    • The failure of love punctuates much of the intellectual cleverness of Farrell's works.
    • I can see the intellectual appeal of it as an exploration of endurance, but three things get in the way of full appreciation.
    • Finally, a fabulous essay that requires more intellectual energy to understand than I have today.
    • Feminism has to stop being seen purely as an intellectual pursuit for the educated elite and has to start being about real women and real lives.
    • There were contests that tested the intellectual abilities of students.


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