Traducción de intend en Español:


Pronunciación /ɪnˈtɛnd//ɪnˈtɛnd/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    no insult was intended no fue mi intención ofender
    • to intend -ing / to intend to + inf pensar + inf
    • I don't know what he intends doing / to do no sé qué piensa hacer
    • what do you intend doing about it? ¿qué piensas hacer al respecto?
    • do it then! — I fully intend to! ¡pues hazlo! — ¡vaya que si lo haré!
    • I intend to go abroad next year pienso viajar al extranjero el año que viene
    • to intend sb/sth to + inf querer que algn/algo + subj
    • I intend my son to go to my old school quiero que mi hijo vaya a mi antiguo colegio
    • I intended the remark to be a joke lo dije en broma
    • to intend sth for sb
    • the present was intended for you el regalo era para ti
    • the sarcasm was intended for him el sarcasmo iba dirigido a él
    • to intend that
    • I intended that there should be enough for everybody mi intención era que alcanzara para todos
    • All three were also charged with intending to pervert the course of justice.
    • He had previously admitted conspiracy to do acts tending or intending to pervert the course of justice.
    • Except, of course, nobody is intending to shut the prisons down.
    • The only purpose it is intended to serve is to boost the election prospects of the ruling party in the State.
    • Computers can be used by inmates to study a range of courses intended to help them upon release.
    • Wayne also gave an account of how he had intended to cut his own throat after he realised Robert was dead.
    • It is intended that the plan will be an accurate reflection of the needs and aspirations of the residents of the village.
    • It is possible that from its beginning it was intended in due course to become the administrative centre of Britain as well.
    • He had planned the ideal route down the snowboard cross course and was intending to stick to it.
    • Staggering closing times is also intended to cut violence by preventing revellers all heading home at the same time.
    • The other program is a set of plans intended to broaden the coverage of the educational system.
    • Whilst procedures for the resolution of disputes are provided for it is intended that they shall be used infrequently.
    • Perhaps the council is intending to build purpose made truck stops on the outskirts of the towns if they implement these bans.
    • However, it is intended that directors will be able to elect to keep the old rules in place.
    • I never, of course, intended to go into the room in the first place so I'm happy to comply.
    • Another name change is looming as the college intends to apply for full university status later this year.
    • The grant is not intended to be used to pursue course work toward a degree or for ongoing projects.
    • When we paid our fees in the pro shop the youngman raised his eyebrows a little when we told him we intended to walk the course.
    • He was undertaking a physical education course and intended to become a physical education teacher.
    • They intended to cut a major scene out of the beginning and they had also fiddled with the end quite a bit.