Traducción de intended en Español:


intencionado, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈtɛndəd//ɪnˈtɛndɪd/


  • 1

    (irony/slight) intencionado
    (irony/slight) deliberado
    • The men started to drive off with their intended victim but she scratched the face of one of her attackers and escaped.
    • Since the shots aren't taken from the intended perspective, the people in them appear to be holding unseen objects in the air.
    • The numbers for intended suicides and incidents of self-harm are much higher.
    • I wonder if the intended comedy is supposed to be in trying figure out if she's aware of what's going on.
    • They are luring their intended victims into a false sense of security.
    • All true and undisputed and worth remembering, Ted, but somewhat beside the intended point.
    • The chairman missed a golden opportunity to reach his intended goal and the team failed to hit expected targets.
    • While the movie has an obviously childlike feel, it's difficult to be sure of its intended audience.
    • Gardaí believe the second victim was not an intended target and may have been shot accidentally.
    • She is now extremely frail and the intended move is certain to have a detrimental effect on her physical and emotional well being.
    • Is it due to the short attention span of her intended audience.
    • By June there was a happy outcome to the intended baths closure.
    • The intended use of the piece will determine the type of finish applied.
    • Was it possible, I wondered, to change there and catch a connecting service to my intended destination?
    • He praised the intended victim for her quick thinking and caution.
    • Detectives are trying to establish who the intended victim was and believe he lives locally.
    • The intended targets were military vehicles parked about half a mile away.
    • The intended target is made clear by references to what to expect when entering Britain.
    • It's not clear what the intended target actually was or who was behind the attack.
    • Obviously the intended targets for these messages were their supposed supporters in the West.
  • 2

    (response/effect) deseado
    (response/effect) buscado
    it didn't reach the intended recipient no llegó a quien iba dirigido


coloquial, anticuado

  • 1

    my/your intended (fiancé) mi/tu futuro coloquial
    • That way you will be spared the house and still be able to introduce your folks to your intended.
    • It may not be a sound you enjoy, but it surely has meaning for the male's intended!
    • I have seen your intended involved in numerous situations that have repulsed me and that are too shocking for me to relate on paper.
    • When a female moves into her intended's home, is she choosing the guy or his real estate?
    • My sister and her intended have decided to make an amalgam of their two last names.