Traducción de intensive care en Español:

intensive care

cuidados intensivos, n.


  • 1

    cuidados intensivos masculino
    terapia intensiva femenino México Río de la Plata
    he was in intensive care for a week estuvo en cuidados intensivos una semana
    • before noun intensive care unit unidad de vigilancia intensiva
    • High risk obstetrics and neonatal intensive care are high cost, low volume specialties.
    • The patient was immediately taken off the medication and given intensive care.
    • From these endeavours emerged the subspecialties of pain treatment and intensive care.
    • He created joint chairs for both anaesthesiology and intensive care at all Soviet medical schools.
    • However, demand for intensive care for preterm infants in individual units varies and is unpredictable.
    • The initial focus of neonatal intensive care was on improving survival.
    • The new hospital will provide a wide range of medical services including intensive care and long stay.
    • Severe sepsis is common in intensive care and has a high associated mortality.