Traducción de intent en Español:


Pronunciación /ɪnˈtɛnt//ɪnˈtɛnt/


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    to be intent on sth/-ing estar decidido / resuelto a + inf
    • she was intent on success / on succeeding estaba decidida / resuelta a triunfar
    • Burley understands the mood though, and is intent on lifting it.
    • Now, decades since those heady days, two Irish businessmen are intent on waging their own space race.
    • They were intent on driving the Portuguese out of this tropical paradise and claiming it for themselves.
    • According to reports, the accidents were caused by a man who was intent on killing himself.
    • He also warned their opposition could backfire because he was now intent on deregulating the restaurant sector.
    • They will no doubt be intent on making it one to remember.
    • The couple are intent on keeping Lucy in touch with her roots.
    • It is also the only music station which is not intent on fleecing 16 to 24-year-olds.
    • The assumption is that the Bank of England is intent on tightening policy over the coming months, but its decisions will depend on the data.
    • He said he was intent on protecting direct payments to Ireland which were worth 2 billion euro annually.
    • If they are intent on doing something, then they will do it.
    • Chip's face was firm and Kim could tell he was intent on keeping himself above water.
    • The joy of it is that we still don't know where it's headed; but we're absolutely intent on enjoying the ride.
    • I was intent on giving a few of my friends some motivation to get them done early.
    • But the contest was far from over as the two international challengers were intent on playing their hands late.
    • What Wales didn't have was a confidence that reflected their ability or a culture that was intent on building that confidence.
    • And no matter what people say she is quite intent on fulfilling that dream.
    • He has secured planning permission to develop the house and grounds, but is intent on also converting the castle into an annex of the hotel.
    • Second, many advisers are still intent on chasing high returns.
    • Mr Elliott said councillors were ‘upset’ that the youngsters seemed so intent on wreaking havoc.
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    (attentive, concentrated)
    (expression) de viva atención
    (expression) concentrado
    (stare/look) penetrante
    (stare/look) fijo
    to be intent on sth estar abstraído / concentrado en algo
    • Danny looked up to see Cameron at the door, leaning back against it with an intent look in his eyes.
    • He stood up, wiping his hands on his breeches, and a more intent look on his face.
    • I looked around and saw Dame coming towards me with an intent look in his eyes, and I laughed.
    • His gaze was intent, and my face was hot, but I couldn't think of what to say next.
    • The same eyes were looking at me, almost burning me with their intent gaze.
    • I was preoccupied with this useless energy when a huge man approached with an intent look on his face.
    • I glanced at him, seeing his intent face, and decided against something sarcastic.
    • He was very intent on this task, as if he fancied himself a latter-day St. Francis.
    • But the women take no notice of their admirers, so intent are they on their own conversation.
    • Mr McCall said the management was still ‘more intent on imposition than negotiation’.
    • He had a concerned expression on his face that was so intent I've never seen it before.
    • Jacqui turned from his intent gaze and stared out the window of the carriage.
    • With an intent stare, she gazed into the flames, seeming to go into a trance.
    • She looked Mike directly in the eyes, catching the intent green eyed gaze head on.
    • I was so intent in my thoughts, that it took a while for me to realize that Randilyn had stopped playing.
    • She has an unsettling intent look, and seems to see things the people around her don't.
    • Chase stepped back and simply regarded me with an intent stare that made me squirm unconsciously.
    • She stares into the light without flinching, her expression deadly serious and intent.
    • Ronnie looked back at him with an intent gaze, his assuring smile suggesting he awaited an answer.


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    propósito masculino
    intención femenino
    a declaration/letter of intent una declaración/carta de intenciones
    • with evil/good intent con malos/buenos propósitos
    • with intent to + inf con el objeto / el propósito de + inf