Traducción de interchange en Español:


intercambiar, v.

Pronunciación /ˌɪn(t)ərˈtʃeɪndʒ//ɪntəˈtʃeɪn(d)ʒ/

verbo transitivo

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    intercambio masculino
    cambio masculino
    • It is more of an interchange, a consultation, and it continues surging widely.
    • It casts a dank shadow over the sunniest of interchanges.
    • Unlike some other parts of Britain, these communities overlap, allowing meaningful interchanges, and helping fear, distrust and divisions to be contained.
    • On their part, students will have access to homework assignments, and school news and events besides an interactive interchange with other students and teachers.
    • It is also about a certain type of urban society, a society of exchanges and interchanges.
    • The whole project was sold with the goodwill of people based on these interchanges.
    • It's a subtle interchange and exchange that happens between patient and doctor.
    • Detachment seems I must say an odd emotion when I think of an interchange, a conversation, a collaboration, which is bound to bring differing points of view to bear.
    • We used repeated examination of our data, critical exchange among team members, and interchanges with readers about working papers to seek robustness and plausibility.
    • Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I may have more time for blogging than I'd anticipated, but probably not for lengthy interchanges in the comments boxes.
    • AFN sources confirmed the agreement but said such interchanges are entered into very rarely.
    • A brief interchange of words resulted in the unanimous decision to escape as soon as possible.
    • But for the moment I just want to discuss an interchange which another of the members of the panel had with one of the questioners.
    • The social scientist analyzes the interchanges of the disputants from the standpoint that there is a correct position and an incorrect one.
    • But the speed and frequency of these interchanges sacrifices the clarity of the monologue, which is a shame as Hotter's script, in the places where is was Ned alone, is impressive.
    • Incidentally, the interchange, feedback and conversation has been immensely valuable to me, and I hope also to my readers and interlocutors.
    • There are a number of reports and white papers provided by various sponsors, and I hope that in the upcoming weeks and months we will develop a lively interchange between the members of the Forum.
    • I trace the origin of the arts to a source almost the opposite of male competition and display - that is, to the early communicative interchanges between mothers and infants.
    • The courteous and legitimately self-interested housewife opened the door to make her choice, and found that, in so doing, she had made a commitment, and entered into a dramatic interchange.
    • Their quick-fire, stichomythic interchanges are particularly funny.
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    (on road system)
    enlace masculino
    intercambiador masculino España