Traducción de intercollegiate en Español:


interuniversitario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪntəkəˈliːdʒ(ɪ)ət//ˌɪn(t)ərkəˈlidʒ(i)ət/


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    • It is noteworthy, that their grades are higher during those semesters in which they are actively participating in intercollegiate athletics.
    • The sharp increase in the number of men's intercollegiate sports that have been dropped over the past 30 years is cited to prove the case.
    • His death caused the abolition of intercollegiate boxing as a major sport.
    • Of particular concern, Carter says, is a dramatic increase in the amount of money going into intercollegiate sports.
    • Even with record revenue flowing in, including new streams from cable channels exclusively covering college sports, most intercollegiate athletic programs lose money.
    • Topics span career services, partying behavior, intergroup relations, student health, resident life, academic counseling and intercollegiate athletics.
    • The closest he gets to the sports scene nowadays is covering intercollegiate athletics for the University newspaper.
    • Iowa State's intercollegiate athletics received NCAA certification in May.
    • The success of women's sport, and particularly intercollegiate basketball, brings with it other issues stemming from the corrupting effects of success and money.
    • He explicitly asks why universities should conduct intercollegiate athletics in the first place.
    • Three finalists were on campus this week to interview for the director of intercollegiate athletics position, following a two-month search process.
    • These range from intercollegiate athletics to veterinary medicine.
    • When we speak of intercollegiate sports, it is important to note that they have become so diverse that we must first group them into categories.
    • Briggs won back-to-back national intercollegiate titles and captained Harvard his senior year to a national title.
    • Exposure during intercollegiate sports and military training was also calculated to the nearest hour.
    • Such an expectation is silly, at least absent evidence that male and female interest in participating in intercollegiate sports is equal.
    • They are also skeptical about intercollegiate athletics and campus activities related to distance learning.
    • Over this 10-year period, approximately 6000 athletes were involved in intercollegiate athletics at the University of Minnesota.
    • Data were collected from intercollegiate athletes at five universities during the Fall 2000 semester.
    • It recommends the establishment of an independent institute for intercollegiate athletics.