Traducción de intercourse en Español:


coito, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪntəkɔːs//ˈɪn(t)ərˌkɔrs/


  • 1

    coito masculino formal
    acto sexual masculino
    to have intercourse with sb tener relaciones sexuales con algn
  • 2anticuado

    (social) trato social masculino
    (commercial) relaciones comerciales femenino
    • Honestly, this constant social intercourse is just exhausting.
    • Ghanaian food is a currency for social intercourse: you walk into a person's home, therefore you are supposed to eat there.
    • The same is happening with the WTO's attempt to impose a systematic rule of law on international intercourse.
    • He was a perfectionist and he could be strict in social intercourse.
    • Hunting, like the army, was in any case an extension of normal political intercourse and business.
    • This obviously saves time and adds spontaneity to social intercourse.
    • Such friendly intercourse was not the only way immigrants became native.
    • Intellectually too, there seems to have been a surprising degree of intercourse between Europeans and the people of Lucknow.
    • What was expected of the government was friendship, social intercourse, and sympathy.
    • His feeling is that the community needs the service as a place for social intercourse.
    • Travel to almost any city or resort in Europe and you'll see Irish, Scots and Welsh in friendly social intercourse with the locals.
    • Some of them talk indifferently about intercourse and interstate trade.
    • The Gaelic language ensures that even the most mundane of social intercourse became occasions of prayer.
    • Ed is a lump whose idea of social intercourse is playing video games and practical jokes.
    • Vanity is the cheese in the submarine sandwich of social intercourse.
    • The people, she indicted, were not handsome and had no idea of the charms of friendly society or of social intercourse.
    • As Europe's economy and society were relatively integrated, intellectual intercourse was easier than it seemed.
    • Their language cuts through the niceties of social intercourse to fundamentals.
    • Eye contact is essential for effective social intercourse.
    • But even this line of attack fails to separate cliché from the common forms of polite social intercourse.