Traducción de interdependent en Español:


interdependiente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪn(t)ərdəˈpɛndənt//ɪntədɪˈpɛndənt/


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    • In addition, there are some interdependent relationships between flower and pollinator sizes.
    • The buildings within had an interdependent relationship to the landscape as well as to each other.
    • Now, as we move forward, the newly interdependent world becomes frighteningly more complex.
    • We are mutually interdependent and must find ways to support each other and help each to thrive.
    • They are interconnected, interrelated, interdependent and mutually reinforcing.
    • Water polo is a team sport which requires all the players to be interdependent upon each other.
    • It is, instead, involved in an intricate system of interdependent relationships, a constellation.
    • The world is thus too complex and interdependent to be ruled from an imperial center.
    • The meaning of the work and the reading of the text are complementary and interdependent.
    • Thomas and Collier suggest that these components are interdependent and complex.
    • Some had now come to see the world as essentially interdependent.
    • The responses to beauty in art and to beauty in nature are interdependent.
    • The world economy is more interdependent than ever, with trade and finances ever expanding.
    • Outcomes in caregiving relationships are necessarily interdependent and mutual.
    • Deming stresses that his fourteen points are interdependent and complementary.
    • The three characteristics build on each other and are very much interdependent.
    • In an increasingly interdependent world such sanctions cause significant suffering.
    • All are interlinked and interdependent, especially with each other but also with national institutions in the member states.
    • No country can afford it in an increasingly interdependent global economy.
    • These 2 sides to the republican movement are inseparable and interdependent.