Traducción de interdisciplinary en Español:


interdisciplinario, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪntəˈdɪsɪplɪn(ə)ri//ˌɪntədɪsɪˈplɪn(ə)ri//ˌɪn(t)ərˈdɪs(ə)pləˌnɛri/


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    • Smith believes this will be detrimental to the interdisciplinary nature of the program.
    • For me, for a long time, interdisciplinary research was my favorite conception.
    • It's supposed to be interdisciplinary, not just dance, dance, dance.
    • I am left wondering how successful our attempts at interdisciplinary research are actually going.
    • In the interdisciplinary type of programme the therapists work as a team and consult and monitor each other's work.
    • Dietitians should be introduced to interdisciplinary research in undergraduate programs.
    • It will be possible only through interdisciplinary collaboration and depend upon wireless data services to work.
    • Such interdisciplinary research is at an early stage in Britain.
    • He suggested the Society could do more to encourage interdisciplinary research.
    • This interdisciplinary field involves people from many backgrounds and many interests.
    • Today, much of the most exciting work being done, and the best funded, is interdisciplinary research.
    • His work in the Graduate School focuses on implementing programs that encourage interdisciplinary graduate study.
    • Funding should focus on interdisciplinary teams and avoid narrowly focused discipline research.
    • We knew that without financial support, interdisciplinary research might never get off the ground.
    • Much of his work requires an interdisciplinary approach involving social scientists and researchers in various fields.
    • Within medicine there is more interdisciplinary work, and research has increased.
    • Some are interdisciplinary programmes, allowing specialists from other departments to pass on their expertise.
    • To develop the model, a pilot program was structured via interdisciplinary input.
    • We already have a model of a successful international, interdisciplinary approach.
    • Its approach was interdisciplinary and included creative work in writing, drama and visual arts.