Traducción de interfaith en Español:


interreligioso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪn(t)ərˈfeɪθ//ˈɪntəfeɪθ//ɪntəˈfeɪθ/


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    (understanding/dialog) interreligioso
    • For most of this essay my explicit focus has been interfaith dialogue.
    • But why would the Vatican make such claims after three decades of ecumenical and interfaith dialogue?
    • We all want constructive interfaith dialogue.
    • Of course, many would argue right now the huge issue is in fact interfaith dialogue and interfaith harmony.
    • Both Muslims and Christians here agree on the urgent need for interfaith dialogue to bridge the religious gap.
    • I'm keen to know if there are concrete, significant scale examples of interfaith dialogue work having any impact.
    • We'll ask our interfaith panel about how he reached out to other religions.
    • They meet weekly for panels, dialogues, interfaith services and strategy sessions to craft their message.
    • Church interfaith dialogues were determinant in the development of this policy.
    • The untangling of church and state paved the way for interfaith cooperation among religious sects.
    • The celebrations started with an interfaith prayer.
    • I am the product of an interfaith and intercultural marriage.
    • He sought to allay fears that he would set back attempts at interfaith dialogue.
    • The pope has called an interfaith conference, I believe, for Rome in January.
    • And then there is the prohibition of interfaith marriages.
    • As a Roman Catholic and a scholar whose research focuses on Islam, I am frequently involved in interfaith dialogue.
    • As a result, interfaith co-operation, including religious services, is regarded as a key to racial harmony and social order.
    • Well, religious leaders will be gathering in New Orleans to discuss interfaith relief efforts tomorrow.
    • It was organised by an interfaith discussion group who have been using the centre for ten years.
    • The Government has taken steps to promote interfaith understanding.