Traducción de interject en Español:


lanzar, v.

Pronunciación /ˌɪn(t)ərˈdʒɛkt//ˌɪntəˈdʒɛkt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (cry) lanzar
    (remark) agregar
    (remark) hacer
    not necessarily, he interjected — no necesariamente — interpuso / terció
    • I'd just like to interject a comment quisiera agregar / hacer un pequeño comentario
    • Hayden just looked on in amusement, interjecting an occasional smirking comment.
    • At various points, the director and members of the cast interject voiceover comments about the proceedings.
    • Blake felt obligated to interject a comment of his own.
    • It's hard to refrain sometimes, I mean I've interjected a couple times, I try not to.
    • As wonderful as it is to relive these music video memories, I'm forced to pause and interject criticism.
    • The member interjected the whole time during the question, and now wants to ask a question.
    • Well, if the member had not interjected by making that comment I most certainly would have interrupted.
    • Throughout the analysis I will interject commentary on the status and use of the constructs.
    • To interject a personal note here, I eat meat, sometimes happily, sometimes queasily.
    • She also ignored his voice and did not try to seek him out visually when he would at times interject comments during the exam or immediately afterwards.
    • Dr. Sears interjects comments on issues concerning fathers and marriage.
    • He mediates arguments between the pilgrims and interjects his comments throughout the different tales.
    • My comments about that obviously hurt him, and that is why he is interjecting a lot.
    • At this point in the tale, the Knight interjects a question.
    • Well, as a journalist in the media, you're not supposed to interject your opinion.
    • She rather amusingly shoved her shorter husband aside from the mike whenever she wanted to interject a point.
    • One can only regret that he will not be able actually to preside at the marriage ceremony and be given the opportunity to interject a number of his jokes into the proceedings.
    • Anyway, interjects North, you are legally married after a certain time together, aren't you?
    • Mary spoke before Spam could get the chance to interject his own ideas.
    • Cunningham also interjects a few times, though compared to Craven he's far less chatty.