Traducción de interlock en Español:


entrelazarse, v.

Pronunciación /ɪntəˈlɒk//ˌɪn(t)ərˈlɑk/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • The spicules are interlocked or joined to form the shell wall.
    • I had cars either side so close that our wheels were interlocked and I couldn't swerve, and I got hit front and back.
    • The loom's upper beam is then pulled down, to interlock the threads together.
    • Equally as authoritative, it was the South boys who interlocked arms for the singing of the national anthem.
    • Before Act II, the dancers stand in a circle and interlock pinkie fingers.
    • The self-climbing scaffolds are interlocked and climb together.
    • If either one of you needs more assistance, bring your hands behind you and interlock fingers with her.
    • Her hands were interlocked on her lap, and she just sat, thinking, by lamplight.
    • The toast is when the bride and groom toast each other then interlock arms and drink.
    • Take your left arm behind you and with the elbow pointing towards the ground and see if you can interlock your hands behind your back.
  • 2

    (cogs) engranar
    • The two swords interlocked with each other, creating a double-edged blade.
    • Their fingers interlocked lovingly as he stared into her eyes.
    • Random pattern stamps can be particularly troublesome, because they no longer interlock properly when they are larger than their designed size.
    • We developed two plans that alternate on even and odd floors and interlock so that all of the terraces are two stories high.
    • The blonde girl's left hand crept up to meet with his own, and their fingers weakly interlocked.
    • Tobey reached over and grabbed Jordan's hand, and their fingers interlocked.
    • Couples hold each other close in a waltz, moving forward and back and turning, their legs interlocking in a subtle game of advance and retreat, of never quite touching.
    • With this sense of joinery interlocking in three dimensions, the room has the scale and detail of a meticulously crafted piece of furniture.
    • The rod is designed to attract the ring, so that the two molecules interlock spontaneously when mixed together.
    • He could feel her hand as her fingers interlocked into his, and he could feel her lips, kissing him before she laid her head back on his chest.
    • The other earring in his left ear had one metal hoop that directly hung from his ear, interlocked with the other two hoops in it as needed here.
    • Her uncle looked at his little niece, her face flashing orange and green and her fingers interlocking in awkwardness.
    • Our fingers interlocked and I leaned against his chest, resting the back of my head on his shoulder.
    • Once she accepted his hand and their fingers interlocked, he sighed audibly and closed his eyes.
    • On their right arms were long clear shields that interlocked to form a clear plastic wall.
    • She seemed to have gained a sudden interest in the fact that her fingers interlocked.
    • Each apartment was designed slightly differently, according to its specific location in the building, so that it interlocks either with the street or the garden next to it.
    • Extra thick tangs, welded to the inside of the lid, securely interlock into dual internal recessed padlock pockets for maximum protection from bolt cutters.
    • The phone has been designed with one unified shape, in which the handset and stand are interlocking and where the phone can be placed vertically or rested on horizontally.
    • As you massage your partner's hands, pay attention to the way your fingers can interlock and how your partner's hands can respond to yours in return.


  • 1

    interlock masculino
    (knit/underwear) (before noun) de interlock
    • For lettucing or ruffling, choose a fabric that has crosswise stretch, such as a cotton/spandex blend, cotton interlock or ribbing.
    • Made of 100% combed cotton interlock fabric, it has cap sleeves and a round neck.
    • Made of 6 oz., extra-smooth Egyptian combed cotton interlock, this shirt features cotton / Lycra cuffs and neck for extra stretch where it counts, and a hemmed bottom.
    • Is it possible to dye cotton interlock successfully?